Telos Ventures

We at Rystedt Creative resonate with Telos' vision to better the world through business ventures that are stewarded wisely and multiply resources. Telos resonated with our approach to web development. So we built a new website together.

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The Wyneken Project

“Excellent design and superlative support. They are always there to help.” - Rev Roy Axel Coats, Treasurer for the Wyneken Project The Wyneken Project is revitalizing and planting churches in Baltimore city. While they were busy changing lives within inner city Baltimore we were busy revitalizing Wyneken’s existing website was a simple site with limited functionality and a canned template design. The Wyneken Project Board of Directors knew that in order to continue to increase their support for Baltimore churches they would need to communicate their success and effectiveness online. That’s where we came in to help. Branding Design As the Wyneken Project continues to grow, a unique atmosphere for their website and other digital and physical communication will become increasingly helpful. Consistent visual atmosphere in communication makes nonprofits instantly recognizable to their volunteers, supporters, and donors. Our creative design team developed consistent branding for the Wyneken Project including colors and typography that they can use on or off the web. We then took this branding design and used it as the guide for their new website’s look and feel. Implementation of Event Sign Up Functionality The Wyneken Project’s success rests in pairing churches with churches in order to jump start churches in need. An important piece to this work is organizing volunteers to assist with events, outreach, and generosity at Baltimore churches. So we implemented an event sign up feature on the new The Wyneken Project is now able to create events, manage volunteers, and send emails to individuals who have signed up. Their volunteers can view events and sign up right on their website. Implementation of a Dedicated Online Giving Portal with Recurring Online Giving…

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The Parenting Copywriter

Gabrielle, our own Chief Creative Officer (CCO), is The Parenting Copywriter. As Rystedt Creative’s CCO she leads our copywriting team but she still loves writing herself - especially on parenting. As her client base has grown she has focused increasingly on the parenting market. Countless businesses need to market to parents effectively. Target is focusing on millennial parents in much of their marketing, cloth diaper companies large and small market to new parents, curriculum publishers market to home-school parents, etc. Gabrielle is uniquely suited to help these companies market through her copywriting services. She herself is a parent of three children, a professional and established copywriter, and holds a degree in business. We at Rystedt Creative realized that we could market parenting copywriting services even better through a separate website dedicated to this niche. So we launched! is owned and operated by Rystedt Creative and leverages our existing copywriting team and experience. Within a week we were page one in searches for “parenting copywriter”. Today, we’re the first result in these searches. Gabrielle is indeed the Parenting Copywriter and we are excited for what’s ahead.

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Farm Market iD

Farm Market iD is a national businesses that provides data driven marketing and software solutions for agriculture businesses. They offer a wealth of useful content for agri-businesses on their blog, in their articles, and in their ebooks. In addition to this wealth of free content they also sell farm data and software like FarmFocus and FieldVision.FMiD is a unique company in a unique position. Their unparalleled database paired with their software and written content make them an invaluable resource for agri-businesses of all types. For over six months we worked closely with FMiD to give their content marketing a boost and help them launch a new website for the company. Writing value added content Our writing team regularly provided value added content for Farm Market iD including blog posts, feature articles, and e-books to supplement the content they were already creating. We've written blog posts like: 4 Questions Data Can AnswerUsing Data to Predict & Act On Farmers' Behavior5 Strategies for Selling Directly to Farmers Our feature articles include: Building a Data-Powered Agriculture Business PlanA Data-Led Sales Conversation, Start to FinishStarting an Agriculture Blog, Start-to-Finish We have also written the content used in FMiD's ebook on Using Data in the Field.  Our written content is helping FMiD reach their content marketing goals. Through this content the company is increasing their web traffic and conversions. Modifying HubSpot Content FMiD uses both HubSpot and WordPress for various aspects of their online presence. In addition to our development on their WordPress website we have also supported FMiD's HubSpot content. Modifying HubSpot Landing Page Templates In order to convert web traffic to leads Farm Market iD wanted fresh landing pages for their expanded content. We designed four…

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Maryland LFL

Lutherans for Life is a national nonprofit that exists to equip Lutherans to be "Gospel motivated voices for life". LFL accomplishes this goal through publications, classes, prayer, financial assistance, and training. Despite being a national nonprofit, LFL relies on local and regional Life Chapters to engage churches, volunteers, and donors. Until 2017 the state of MD lacked an LFL presence. The majority of Lutherans in MD are not well connected with pro-life issues. Yet a large group of Baltimore area churches, pastors, and lay people got together to found the first Life Chapter in the state of MD. Thus Maryland LFL was born. MD LFL exists to equip MD Lutherans to understand, speak out on, and help their neighbors who are wrestling with issues such as: Abortion, Adoption, Bioethics, Creation, End-of-life, Family living, Post-abortion healing, Fetal development, and The Christian sexual ethic. Rystedt Creative provided MD LFL with branding and WordPress Development with features that are essential to non-profit work. Branding Design LFL already has a well established brand and logo. It was essential that MD LFL, as a regional Life Chapter, expressed that brand while also being unique. We carefully chose colors and fonts to complement LFL's existing branding while also giving it a Baltimore flare (that bright orange). Additionally, we provided MD LFL with their own version of the LFL logo so that they could easily brand themselves on and off the Web. Website Development After MD LFL's branding was established we moved on to actually building them a home on the Web with a website all their own. WordPress Theme Customization In order to keep MD LFL's costs low we chose to customize an existing WordPress theme…

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Total Restoration Services

Total Restoration Services is a restoration contractor located in Hampstead Maryland that specializes in facade maintenance, above and below grade repairs, waterproofing, and more. For over a decade TRS has been restoring and repairing buildings throughout Maryland, Northern Virginia, Washington D.C, and Delaware. Their team has over 50 years of combined experience working on historic architecture, industrial buildings, residential and commercial buildings, and speciality facilities. Despite this wealth of experience, Total Restoration Services had virtually no presence online. They had built a successful business but began to wonder "How much are we missing out on by not being online?" That's an excellent question and one that they turned to us to help answer. So we began a journey with TRS to help launch a website that would give them more visibility online. Atmosphere Design Before we begin writing any code for a website we establish the atmosphere and branding for that site. Total Restoration Services came to us as an established business with an existing logo and reputation. We selected fonts, colors, and layouts that stayed consistent with their past while also bringing their company into their online future. Website Development When we began working for TRS they wanted to keep their website under budget while still getting the best product possible. In order to accomplish this they asked us to develop a site using their existing print promotional materials and project photographs. We designed their site to incorporate all of these existing elements and showcase them in the best (and most search engine optimized) fashion possible. Copywriting However, towards the end of the project, as the scheduled launch date approached, Total Restoration Services realized something important. Their print material…

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Jennifer Zucconi Nutrition

Top notch service and design! Joshua took me from having zero real estate to one of the most beautiful “homes” in the virtual neighborhood! In starting my business there was so much to think about. Website development was something I knew I’d have to outsource…I had NO idea how or where to start! The first time I talked with Joshua he spent most of our conversation listening as I shared about my emerging business, my anticipated goals, and my very scattered ideas of how I envisioned my website. He’s definitely a good visionary, because he took my fuzzy ideas and transformed them into a crystal clear, and beautiful, reality! In addition to his visual creativity, his SEO expertise has helped lead many searches to my site. Joshua stayed in constant contact with me as he was building my site, and he continues to be a great resource for me while I’m up and running. He responds very promptly, answers my (many) questions completely, and has taught me how to begin using the behind-the-scenes elements of my site. I’m so glad I found Rystedt Creative! Joshua was instrumental in creating a wonderful place for me in the virtual world. Whether you’re starting from zero or you have a fixer-upper, Joshua and Rystedt Creative can create a space you’ll be so excited to invite visitors into! - Jennifer Zucconi Jennifer Zucconi is a Dallas area registered dietician and food sensitivity specialist. She contacted us to help her launch her virtual dietetics practice! When we began working with Jennifer she had no branding, logo, or website. She had all the knowledge, expertise, certifications, and (most importantly) passion. All she needed was a helping…

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Sweet Dreams 4 Kids Daycare

Sweet Dreams 4 Kids Daycare in Owings Mills Maryland is an established local daycare with an outstanding reputation. Angela Jones-Coleman has over two decades of childcare experience and has maintained close relationships with the families she serves. Until recently Sweet Dreams 4 Kids Daycare did not have a dedicated home on the Web. Like many local businesses, Sweet Dreams 4 Kids relied upon word of mouth to sustain their business. Yet, a dedicated website increases trust and reputation and may help the daycare sustain their business and be more competitive. We provided the daycare with a simple yet functional website that could be expanded modularly. Sweet Dreams 4 Kids wanted a simple one page website to keep web-development costs down. They wanted to start small with the hopes of growing the site in the future. We designed their site to grow with their business - whether they expand the site themselves through the WordPress admin panel or give us a call to add a feature or updated content. We designed the site from scratch using modern responsive design, bright fun colors, and simple yet interactive content. lists essential information, provides a means of contact, contains an interactive Google Map, and an interactive tool for sharing and viewing reviews. Rystedt Creative designed the first version of to grow with the daycare's needs. We may continue to work with Sweet Dreams 4 Kids Daycare to expand the site's contents as time goes on. We (or the daycare itself) may replace stock images with original images from the daycare and a slideshow or gallery, expand information, add a contact form and contact page, and a visual layout of the daycare. Rystedt…

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