Telos Ventures describe themselves as a "global gospel-centered venture community, advisory, and capital group".

Their unique approach to startup advice and investment caught our eye immediately. Naturally, we got in touch with one of their co-founders – and we hit it off.

We at Rystedt Creative resonate with Telos’ vision to better the world through business ventures that are stewarded wisely and multiply resources. Telos resonated with our approach to web development.
So we built a new website together.

Meet the new

Telos Ventures Website Preview - Rystedt Creative

Website Design

When we began working with Telos Ventures they had two online brands: Telos Ventures and Telos VC.

Telos Ventures was the advisory and community arm of Telos while Telos VC was the capital and investment arm.

But advice and community can never be cut off from capital and investment if the latter is going to be effective. Telos needed a unified brand.

We worked closely with Telos to evaluate their two brands, determine what should stay and what shouldn’t, and unify their look and voice.

Now whether they are advising, investing, or both, makes their vision and values clear.

As we set out to accomplish this, we wanted to keep navigation organized and keep mobile visitors engaged. Everything from page layout to site structure was designed with visitor retention in mind.

Website Development

Telos came to us with two WordPress websites that they were alright with but didn’t love. Worse, they disliked having their two brands separate.

We developed a custom WordPress site for Telos that both gives their WordPress Developer control of the details and gives Telos the ability to make updates to their content on the fly.

Telos Ventures’ new site is fast, mobile optimized, and ready for tomorrow.

Managed WordPress Hosting

Reliable web hosting is essential for every business and Telos Ventures is no exception.

We’re keeping everyting under one roof by providing Telos with Managed WordPress Hosting.

Sure, we give them a home on the Web but we’re also updating software, providing 24/7 security, and regular site backups.

All using reduant and fast flash storage.

Now thats reliable hosting.


The team over at Telos Ventures know what they want to say but everyone needs an editor. We combed through their content to make sure things were clear and readable.

Does your Gospel-centered venture need some solid business advice? Consider contacting Telos Ventures.

Whether you’re launching a new business or investing in one, Rystedt Creative can help you get your website off the ground.

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