Lutherans for Life is a national nonprofit that exists to equip Lutherans to be “Gospel motivated voices for life”. LFL accomplishes this goal through publications, classes, prayer, financial assistance, and training.
Despite being a national nonprofit, LFL relies on local and regional Life Chapters to engage churches, volunteers, and donors.
Until 2017 the state of MD lacked an LFL presence. The majority of Lutherans in MD are not well connected with pro-life issues. Yet a large group of Baltimore area churches, pastors, and lay people got together to found the first Life Chapter in the state of MD. Thus Maryland LFL was born.

MD LFL exists to equip MD Lutherans to understand, speak out on, and help their neighbors who are wrestling with issues such as:

  • Abortion,
  • Adoption,
  • Bioethics,
  • Creation,
  • End-of-life,
  • Family living,
  • Post-abortion healing,
  • Fetal development, and
  • The Christian sexual ethic.

Rystedt Creative provided MD LFL with branding and WordPress Development with features that are essential to non-profit work.

Maryland LFL Homepage - Rystedt Creative

Branding Design

Maryland LFL Fonts and Logo Maryland LFL Colors

LFL already has a well established brand and logo. It was essential that MD LFL, as a regional Life Chapter, expressed that brand while also being unique.

We carefully chose colors and fonts to complement LFL’s existing branding while also giving it a Baltimore flare (that bright orange).

Additionally, we provided MD LFL with their own version of the LFL logo so that they could easily brand themselves on and off the Web.

Website Development

After MD LFL’s branding was established we moved on to actually building them a home on the Web with a website all their own.

WordPress Theme Customization

Maryland LFL Homepage - Rystedt Creative

In order to keep MD LFL’s costs low we chose to customize an existing WordPress theme rather than build one from scratch. Most of the customization was done via CSS to bring the theme in line with the branding we had already established.

Members’ Only Portal

Maryland LFL Members' Portal - Rystedt Creative

Many nonprofits want to disseminate info to their volunteers, donors, and members without publishing such content publicly.

We implemented a members’ only portal on so that the MD LFL team can manage membership and mark any pages or posts as “members’ only” via the WordPress admin panel.

Online Donation Portal

Maryland LFL Donation Portal - Rystedt Creative

As of 2016 67% of nonprofits were set up to accept online donations*.

Many nonprofits use external donation portals with a button embedded on their website. Yet studies show that custom-branded donation pages nested inside a nonprofit’s website raise 6X more money.

With these trends in mind we implemented a secure and tested donation portal for MD LFL that is native to their website and is prepared for recurring donations when the organization is ready for that upgrade.

Hosting and Regular Maintenance and Support

Nonprofits do invaluable work in their communities at a fraction of the budget that many government agencies do. Their lean operations often mean that their websites fall to the wayside as they focus on the daily care of people.

We at Rystedt Creative want to free nonprofits to do what they do best – help others.

So we’re continuing to provide MD LFL with hosting, backups, security, software updates, and regular maintenance and support.

The Rystedt’s Relationship to Maryland LFL

Joshua and Gabrielle Rystedt are founding members of MD LFL and offered their services to the organization at a discounted rate.

Are you a pro-life Lutheran living in Maryland? Connect with Maryland LFL to join a wider network and begin making a difference in your community.

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