Top notch service and design! Joshua took me from having zero real estate to one of the most beautiful “homes” in the virtual neighborhood! In starting my business there was so much to think about. Website development was something I knew I’d have to outsource…I had NO idea how or where to start! The first time I talked with Joshua he spent most of our conversation listening as I shared about my emerging business, my anticipated goals, and my very scattered ideas of how I envisioned my website. He’s definitely a good visionary, because he took my fuzzy ideas and transformed them into a crystal clear, and beautiful, reality! In addition to his visual creativity, his SEO expertise has helped lead many searches to my site. Joshua stayed in constant contact with me as he was building my site, and he continues to be a great resource for me while I’m up and running. He responds very promptly, answers my (many) questions completely, and has taught me how to begin using the behind-the-scenes elements of my site. I’m so glad I found Rystedt Creative! Joshua was instrumental in creating a wonderful place for me in the virtual world. Whether you’re starting from zero or you have a fixer-upper, Joshua and Rystedt Creative can create a space you’ll be so excited to invite visitors into!

– Jennifer Zucconi

Jennifer Zucconi Nutrition Full Site Preview - Rystedt Creative

Jennifer Zucconi is a Dallas area registered dietician and food sensitivity specialist. She contacted us to help her launch her virtual dietetics practice!

When we began working with Jennifer she had no branding, logo, or website. She had all the knowledge, expertise, certifications, and (most importantly) passion. All she needed was a helping hand in the digital space.

We worked closely with Jennifer to develop the branding and online presence she needed to launch Jennifer Zucconi Nutrition!

Logo and Branding Design

Logo and Branding Design - Jennifer Zucconi Nutrition - Rystedt CreativeLogo and Branding Design - Jennifer Zucconi Nutrition - Rystedt Creative

The first step we take with our WordPress Development clients is to listen to them. We want to know who you are, what you love to do, why you love doing it, and what makes you and your business special. This step is doubly necessary when we take on branding and design work for our clients.

We took everything we learned about Jennifer’s personality, likes, preferences, and passion and attempted to package it into colors, fonts, page layouts, and a logo.

This is no easy task and we’re thrilled that Jennifer feels like we delivered a beautiful design!

Website Development

Website Development - Jennifer Zucconi Nutrition - Rystedt Creative

Once we had established a logo and branding that Jennifer loved we moved on to the technical work of developing a WordPress website that embodied everything she envisioned.

In addition to designing page layouts we also got her up and running with email subscription opt-ins and a downloadable ebook.

Most importantly, we designed her site to be scalable. We’ve thought through the possible features she may need tomorrow so her website can scale with her business.

Content Editing

Content Editing - Jennifer Zucconi Nutrition - Rystedt Creative

Jennifer spent countless hours working on her written content for her new website. Yet she didn’t want to miss out on any benefits of website copy that has been search engine optimized and has a marketing flow.

We took every piece of content she sent us and edited it, optimized it for keywords in her market, combined content as necessary, and laid it out in a way that invites every visitor to contact her for an initial Discovery Call.

Hosting and Regular Maintenance and Support

We may have helped Jennifer launch her online business but we’re also not leaving her to fend for herself.

Rystedt Creative is continuing to provide Jennifer with hosting, security, backups, and software updates. We’re her website’s lifeline!

Jennifer has also chosen to continue working with us on a regular basis as we continue to provide her with monthly support including page updates, content, and development of new features.

Do you suspect that the foods you eat are causing you to experience uncomfortable or painful symptoms? Contact Jennifer Zucconi Nutrition to take charge of your body.

Looking to launch (or relaunch) your business’ online presence. Our WordPress Development services can get you the site you dreamed of.

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