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In an ever-changing world and its accompanying growing levels of stress among teens and adults alike, services of health and wellness providers are in higher demand than ever.

Here at R Creative, we have helped a range of businesses in the field of health and wellness, ranging from a large child and family service healthcare non-profit that spans multiple states and hospitals, to a boutique wellness massage therapy practice.

No matter your practice’s size or what health and wellness services you provide, we can help you focus your online marketing efforts to show off what defines your brand and sets you apart from the crowd.

Internet searches and health & wellness services

When it comes to finding health and wellness services, the majority of people start online — in fact, during any given day, 5-percent of all Google searches are health-related, and patients who bookhealthcare appointments online often perform extensive research before taking the plunge with a certain practice or provider — that’s a huge and growing market!

Additionally, the healthcare sector is increasingly using social media to reach patients or clients. Now, more than ever, health and wellness brands need to focus on drawing interest through a strong online presence and giving potential patients or clients the aesthetics they expect from a top-notch brand, as well as answers to their online health queries. 

Some of Our Services

Our process

Our process is to evaluate, propose, create, implement, and assist

  • Evaluate

    As soon as you contact us, we will evaluate your website, content, search and social reach, your industry market, and competitors.

  • Propose

    Then, we propose what might assist you in meeting your goals

  • Create

    If our recommended strategy is a good fit for your practice and needs, we’ll get to work creating— your website, blog, ebook, whatever other content you need.

  • Implement

    Next, we implement content on your website and platforms. And finally, we assist in the management of your content, whether that be consistent content creation or web maintenance and support.

  • Assist

    Finally, we assist in the management of your content, whether that be consistent content creation or web maintenance and support.

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Our approach to health and wellness digital marketing

Your credibility is paramount as a healthcare or wellness provider. So whether it’s reviews of your services or your impressive qualifications or knowledge, your strengths as a provider or practice will be positioned as the core to any and all digital marketing initiatives.

We want to take the exceptional credentials and experience you already have and leverage it alongside industry-specific research. Health and wellness marketing trends in 2020 (and, we anticipate, beyond) rely heavily on professional digital content, like content writing, graphics, and email marketing, to enhance conversion rates by providing potential patients or clients a better “virtual onsite experience”.

And we get it — that sounds like jargon. That’s why we do what we do… So you can keep focusing on the services you do best, while still getting results from your online marketing initiatives.

As a full-scale digital marketing agency, we at R Creative have a range of services that will strengthen your health and wellness practice. Regardless of your practice’s size, we are committed to research your audience and their expectations, how to best reach them, and how to build their trust. 

We implement this information into custom website creation and management, SEO best practices, and social media marketing, building your brand and client base. Once your website and other platforms are designed and created — or reimagined —, we can also assist with lead generation, brand identity and voice, and online sales conversions through consistent content development.

Reimagine your digital marketing strategy to achieve your goals

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    Yes, R Creative is the real deal

    R Creative took me from having zero real estate to one of the most beautiful “homes" in the virtual neighborhood! In starting my business there was so much to think about. Website development was something I knew I'd have to outsource...I had NO idea how or where to start! The first time I talked with Joshua Rystedt he spent most of our conversation listening as I shared about my emerging business, my anticipated goals, and my very scattered ideas of how I envisioned my website. He’s definitely a good visionary, because he took my fuzzy ideas and transformed them into a crystal clear, and beautiful, reality! In addition to his visual creativity, his SEO expertise has helped lead many searches to my site.
    R Creative stayed in constant contact with me as they were building my site, and they continue to be a great resource for me while I’m up and running. They respond very promptly, answer my (many) questions completely, and have taught me how to begin using the behind-the-scenes elements of my site.
    I’m so glad I found R Creative! They were instrumental in creating a wonderful place for me in the virtual world. Whether you’re starting from zero or you have a fixer-upper, Joshua and R Creative can create a space you’ll be so excited to invite visitors into!

    Jennifer Zucconi

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