Busy parents skim the internet looking for how-to parenting articles – searching for ways to save time, provide the best for their children’s education, improve their family relationships, and inject peace and ease into their lives.

If you sell baby products, or provide pregnancy information, or offer parental services for curious and anxious parents, or soon-to-be parents, then R Creative’s content writers are here to help you capture their attention and truly connect!


The baby and parenting industry has seen considerable growth over the last several years. And one of the largest demographics of new parents is millennials. This growing group of moms (and dads) is eager to consume information about their new role.

Understanding millennial moms and appealing to their habits in your digital content will go a long way. Millennial moms are willing to research and plan their family purchases, search for convenience in the products and services they settle on, and commit to brands not only for quality but also that demonstrate social good as a core value. And dads are beginning to pick up on these purchasing habits as well!

Our writing team at R Creative understands and appreciates these exciting growth and trends in the parenting industry. We are positioned to write the kind of content that will connect to and attract your target demographic.


Connecting your products or services with the moms or dads making purchasing decisions using well-crafted, informational, and entertaining content is essential for building lasting relationships.

Parents typically don’t have a ton of time to weigh one product against another and spend days in deliberation – they want the right product the very first time they enter a query into a Google search and land on a website, which is why SEO (Search Engine Optimization) should not be ignored.

When you hire competent content writers, like those at R Creative, you will be getting excellent blogs, newsletters, web content, and coordinated social media messaging as well as leveraged SEO, extending your online reach and maintaining steady organic web traffic.

R Creative offers a wide variety of content writing services that will appeal to your target audiences.

  • Blog Writing

    A company blog is worth its weight in gold. It can boost your SEO, attract new traffic, and provide nearly endless content for social media and email distribution. Often, blog writing is pushed to the back burner because it’s time consuming and takes away from other essential business activities. As your trusted parenting content writer, R Creative can turn your blog into a lead magnet that will attract new readers and engage existing customers.

  • Reviews and buying guides

    Then, we propose what might assist you in meeting your goals

  • Product copy

    Product copy can include a variety of pieces, from product descriptions to landing pages and buying guides. R Creative works to synthesize your product copy to inform your audience, answer their questions and encourage them to click the “buy” button.

  • Website content

    Whether you’ve got a single page site or one with many pages, R Creative will provide copy that captures interest and takes readers down the sales funnel to convert them to paying customers. R Creative conducts research and includes keyword optimization to support your SEO strategy.

  • Email campaigns

    Email content is an essential part of maintaining those critical relationships, as well as fostering new interest with web visitors who join your subscription list. R Creative can work with you to develop email campaigns that promote products and services, announce sales or simply welcome new users to your brand. Or we can collaborate on an educational email series that ends with a call-to-action highlighting the products and services that you already offer.

  • Collateral marketing materials

    If you frequently deliver your product pitch at a conference table or need material to distribute in pediatricians’ offices, R Creative can work with you to develop content for brochures, pamphlets, postcards, and other print materials.

  • E-books and other digital content

    e-books are a fantastic way to generate some extra income or entice new leads to sign up for your email list. Not only are e-books, infographics, and other digital documents essential for bringing new customers to your brand, but they’re one of the quickest ways to establish yourself as an expert in your field – and parents love finding experts that they can trust!

Contact us today to discuss how content writing services can help your company!

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