Last week, Google announced the latest fighter in the game of AI in digital marketing this year — the Search Generative Experience (SGE), Google’s new AI-powered search feature. You can read more about it on their blog.

This comes as a supplement to the experimental AI chat service, Google Bard. While Bard boasts a wide range of helpful functions (although its grasp on the James Webb Space Telescope is a little dubious), Google recognizes that Google Search is still the preferred method that people turn to in grabbing the information they need quickly. 

Google Chat API is a hot contender in the breakneck AI race we’re witnessing. Here’s the “quick and dirty” on what this new Google Search development means for digital marketers. 

What Google Ads’ new AI-powered chat feature means for marketers

How does it work?

So you have a page you want to promote. Maybe it’s a page for a product, or a sale you’re promoting, or even just your homepage (anywhere you have a CTA for a transaction and want to market). You choose that page, then you let Google’s AI read and sum it up. From there, it will suggest creative content marketing assets like relevant keywords, descriptions, and even images for an ad campaign, with room for any changes you want.

On the searcher’s side, all they have to do is “converse” with Google. By this, we mean a user doesn’t have to resort to weirdly chopped-up search queries like “best sushi restaurant Kennesaw, GA date night.” They can search for a longer, more comprehensive question: “What’s the best sushi place in Kennesaw, GA for a date night with patio seating?” Users have the chance to ask follow-up questions based on the results (which use every phrase of the initial query to tailor relevant results).  

So for businesses who want to be part of this conversation between the hungry user and the helpful “search bot,” their marketing has to line up with precision. Google, therefore, improved its automatically created assets (ACA) feature. As described, it pulls content from your business’s current ads and landing pages to produce assets like headlines and descriptions to align your product offering more closely with what people are searching for.

“Wow! I never have to get professional copywriting again, right?” 

Not exactly!

Here’s the thing. Google’s Chatbot API is pulling perfect creative content out of nowhere — it’s pooling search queries and creative content suggestions based on what’s already on your website

And remember what we like to constantly remind everyone (including ourselves): great input equals great output. 

Great AI prompts yield pretty good AI content (as we discuss with fellow marketing pros all the time!) 

If you have website landing pages that are superbly designed, with written content that’s already SEO optimized for the customers you want (who are looking for exactly what you’ve got), then of course any AI in digital marketing spaces is going to spit out great creative marketing assets easily. 

Call it efficiency, or call it cheating. It works. And what makes it work is the backend effort.

How can your marketing efforts adapt and leverage?

If you’re considering enlisting AI to assist with your digital marketing strategy, the most important advice we can give you is this: stay fully engaged in the digital marketing process. If you think you can just sit back and let Google Chatbot API do all of the heavy lifting of typical digital marketing services, that’s not how it works. 

Here are the questions you must  have an innate understanding of:

  • Who is your audience?
  • What niche queries do you need to rank for?
  • Is your website design and user experience primed for marketing success?
  • With the curveball of Google’s developing SGE, search queries are going to be longer and more comprehensive. Think you have the strategic keyword research to keep up?

If you’re uncertain about your website design, website functionality, overall branding, or existing SEO optimization, then it might be worth having a content marketing strategist take a look at your website and presence. 

A great human strategist and a web developer can help optimize what you have before Google eats it up and spits out further marketing assets (because “you are what you eat, right?)

Speaking of “eat,” check out our guide on Google’s latest quality rater guidelines. Learn how they’re really ranking your content!

Time to refresh your website, SEO, and content? We’ve got you covered.

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