R Creative: your forensic web development solution

Are you dealing with website issues you thought you’d hired someone to solve?

Did your web developer disappear mid project without a trace, leaving you with a nonfunctional website and piles of code you don’t understand?

Is your SEO inexplicably horrible after some site upgrades and maintenance?

Are you losing business because your website can’t adequately capture user information or safely store it?

If you answered “yes” to one or more of the above questions, you may be wondering what comes next.

When businesses deal with dishonest or inexperienced web professionals, sometimes they experience losses they never saw coming.

Your web developer has a lot of power over your business — especially if you operate exclusively online. Unfortunately, there are some dishonest web developers who don’t understand or disregard this responsibility or assume that you, the business owner, simply won’t notice mistakes or malicious content hiding underneath obscure website code.

When your website has fallen victim to an inexperienced or dishonest web developer, you may not immediately notice that there’s a problem. But over time, lost sales, dissatisfied customers, glitchy web components, and other unexplainable online events can indicate that there’s something wrong somewhere on your site.

Untangling the spaghetti code left behind by a poor developer can take days, even weeks or months of research. And if you’re not a highly proficient technical user, you may never find out where the problem is located. Even if you do uncover it, you may not be able to do much about it except say “look at my site’s ugly little bug”.

We’re here to help.

Our forensic web developer service line is designed for business owners or site managers who know that there’s something just not right with their sites and don’t know how to sniff it out. Our experienced technicians can help you:

  • Uncover hidden bugs or mistakes that are impacting site performance

  • Get to the bottom of incomplete or improperly developed website components

  • Remove unnecessary software, plugins, and sloppy code that hinder site performance and speed

  • Evaluate whether malicious content has been embedded somewhere into your site’s code

  • Track down security risks and backdoor access that may leave your users vulnerable

  • Untangle jargon intended to deflect your attention away from mistakes or malice written into your site’s code

At the end of our analysis, we provide you with detailed reporting in layman’s terms so that you can clearly understand exactly what’s wrong with your site and the solutions that can help you bring it back to where it needs to be. You can take this reporting to your web team to make updates, your old developer to ask for a refund, your lawyer*, or anyone else who you think needs the information.

If you’re scratching your head at technical problems and think that your website may be to blame, contact us today to discuss how our forensic web developers can help you solve your website problems!

*We aren’t a criminal investigation team and we don’t play one on TV, but we are dedicated web gurus who want to help businesses succeed. Our services are not intended to provide any legal counsel.

Our experience

We understand the ins and outs of the code that makes your website run and are experienced in untangling the knots that hide potential problems in your site’s architecture. We don’t have a bias against the last kid who played with your code and can evaluate the problem objectively, looking for sloppy mistakes or intentional oversights that may be harming your bottom line.

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