Sweet Dreams 4 Kids Daycare in Owings Mills Maryland is an established local daycare with an outstanding reputation. Angela Jones-Coleman has over two decades of childcare experience and has maintained close relationships with the families she serves.

Until recently Sweet Dreams 4 Kids Daycare did not have a dedicated home on the Web. Like many local businesses, Sweet Dreams 4 Kids relied upon word of mouth to sustain their business. Yet, a dedicated website increases trust and reputation and may help the daycare sustain their business and be more competitive.

We provided the daycare with a simple yet functional website that could be expanded modularly. Sweet Dreams 4 Kids wanted a simple one page website to keep web-development costs down. They wanted to start small with the hopes of growing the site in the future. We designed their site to grow with their business – whether they expand the site themselves through the WordPress admin panel or give us a call to add a feature or updated content.

We designed the site from scratch using modern responsive design, bright fun colors, and simple yet interactive content.

sweetdreams4kidsdaycare.com lists essential information, provides a means of contact, contains an interactive Google Map, and an interactive tool for sharing and viewing reviews.

Rystedt Creative designed the first version of sweetdreams4kidsdaycare.com to grow with the daycare’s needs. We may continue to work with Sweet Dreams 4 Kids Daycare to expand the site’s contents as time goes on. We (or the daycare itself) may replace stock images with original images from the daycare and a slideshow or gallery, expand information, add a contact form and contact page, and a visual layout of the daycare.

Rystedt Creative is also providing Sweet Dreams 4 Kids Daycare with secure and managed WordPress hosting and maintenance and support upon request.

Are you looking for a Baltimore Maryland area daycare? Consider Sweet Dreams 4 Kids and Angela Jones-Coleman.

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