Farm Market iD is a national businesses that provides data driven marketing and software solutions for agriculture businesses. They offer a wealth of useful content for agri-businesses on their blog, in their articles, and in their ebooks. In addition to this wealth of free content they also sell farm data and software like FarmFocus and FieldVision.
FMiD is a unique company in a unique position. Their unparalleled database paired with their software and written content make them an invaluable resource for agri-businesses of all types.

For over six months we worked closely with FMiD to give their content marketing a boost and help them launch a new website for the company.

Writing value added content

Our writing team regularly provided value added content for Farm Market iD including blog posts, feature articles, and e-books to supplement the content they were already creating.

We’ve written blog posts like:

Our feature articles include:

We have also written the content used in FMiD’s ebook on Using Data in the Field

Our written content is helping FMiD reach their content marketing goals. Through this content the company is increasing their web traffic and conversions.

Modifying HubSpot Content

FMiD uses both HubSpot and WordPress for various aspects of their online presence. In addition to our development on their WordPress website we have also supported FMiD’s HubSpot content.

Modifying HubSpot Landing Page Templates

Farm Market iD Landing Page - Rystedt Creative

In order to convert web traffic to leads Farm Market iD wanted fresh landing pages for their expanded content. We designed four HubSpot landing page templates for them that they can modify and reuse for many types of content offers – like their Guide to Agri-Data Security.

Matching the design of their HubSpot blog and WordPress website themes

We modified the code of their HubSpot blog template to bring it more in line with their WordPress theme at the time.

And various CSS and HTML tweaks to their HubSpot templates as needed

Launching a new WordPress website

Our largest development project for Farm Market iD is a website redesign. Shortly after we began working with FMiD they realized that their current WordPress website needed more than a few changes. Rather than trying to fix countless issues they decided to start from scratch.

We worked closely with FMiD’s Marketing and IT teams to develop a new WordPress website that fit their updated branding and marketing goals.

In numerous instances we wrote custom code for website features including their scrollable “Top Solutions” menu.

When launch day came we were on the phone with their Marketing and IT teams to ensure that the website relaunch went as smoothly as possible.

Providing a page-by-page search engine optimization review

Months after FMiD had launched their new website they wanted to further hone their online marketing strategy. They knew their metrics but needed some assistance determining what technical aspects of their pages they could improve.

We provided FMiD with a page-by-page SEO review (an expanded version of our Free Website Evaluations) and gave them four actionable steps they can take to improve their rankings.

Do you sell to farmers? Consider contacting Farm Market iD to find out how their software and services can increase your sales.

Do you need written content, a website relaunch, or regular maintenance and support? Your next step is as easy as contacting us.

WordPress Maintenance and Support - Rystedt Creative

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