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For those not directly involved or knowledgeable about the architecture, engineering, and construction (AEC) industry, it might be stunning to think that it is a trillion dollar industry. But after considering the billion-dollar government projects down to single family home consultations and all of the projects in between, it’s easy to see how this industry impacts everyone’s day to day life in some way or another. 

The importance and value of the work you do should be obvious to potential clients. No matter how small or large your firm is, we want to amplify your strengths in the AEC industry. 

The AEC industry & digital marketing

An engineering.com report on the industry in 2017 found that marketing — especially online marketing — is becoming more important and that creating brand awareness and new leads are among top issues firms face. The report also found that top performers in the field spend the majority of their marketing dollars on content development and distribution.

A quick Google search also reveals that firms with high ratings all showcase their work on their websites. And as design is inherently important in the industry, firms should also welcome potential customers to their website and platforms with aesthetics and good design. After all, your clients will be judging your aesthetic and design props from the moment they become acquainted with your brand.

Some of Our Services

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Our approach to AEC digital marketing

  • From year to year, customers increasingly expect to have amazing online experiences from every company in every industry. Specifically in the AEC industry, customers will be expecting to visit your website and any other platforms to find examples of your work, answers to their questions about their own building or design needs, and achieve that overall “good feeling” you’re a credible and competent partner to take on their project.

  • Here at R Creative, we do the research on your audience and the AEC market so that we can develop and design content that draws in prospects through your online presence. We take what we know to be true of the industry and your audience and combine it with our marketing expertise to ensure that we create content your future clients want to see.

  • Depending on your unique needs, we can deliver a new logo design, web development, or content creation such as improving website copy or blog writing. We do the work on the digital marketing side and SEO side, so that you focus on the work you do best — and the clients come straight to your virtual front door!

Our experience

At R Creative we have had the immense pleasure of working with a variety of brands in the AEC industry, including a small custom home building firm, restoration services construction company, nationally recognized architecture firm, and more. Through our work with these companies we have gained experience in identifying those needs specific to the industry and learned how to best identify future clients from the billions of people online.

Lead generation, SEO, and brand identity and voice are all important pieces of the digital marketing puzzle that we have executed for companies in the AEC industry. We know how to market your experience, methods, and accomplishments, building trust and confidence in your brand with potential customers. 

While we offer many different services depending on your brand-building needs, we always aim to attract new customers and keep them, building trust on every platform and page.

If you’re ready to build up your online presence and portfolio, contact us today to learn more!

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    Yes, R Creative is the real deal

    Working with Joshua and his team at R Creative has been a real pleasure. Always super-responsive and enthusiastic Joshua impressed me with his experience and confident expertise on a range of tricky technical projects we were exploring. For our initial project, he took the time to fully understand our expectations, offer options, answer all questions, and then delivered on schedule. A couple of tweaks we needed were quickly addressed. I trust Joshua to help us find the best solution and not promise anything he can't deliver. I will definitely hire R Creative again for future projects.

    Ryan Burden


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