Total Restoration Services is a restoration contractor located in Hampstead Maryland that specializes in facade maintenance, above and below grade repairs, waterproofing, and more.

For over a decade TRS has been restoring and repairing buildings throughout Maryland, Northern Virginia, Washington D.C, and Delaware. Their team has over 50 years of combined experience working on historic architecture, industrial buildings, residential and commercial buildings, and speciality facilities.

Despite this wealth of experience, Total Restoration Services had virtually no presence online. They had built a successful business but began to wonder “How much are we missing out on by not being online?”

That’s an excellent question and one that they turned to us to help answer.

So we began a journey with TRS to help launch a website that would give them more visibility online.

Atmosphere Design

Atmosphere Design - Total Restoration Services - Rystedt Creative

Before we begin writing any code for a website we establish the atmosphere and branding for that site.

Total Restoration Services came to us as an established business with an existing logo and reputation. We selected fonts, colors, and layouts that stayed consistent with their past while also bringing their company into their online future.

Website Development

Website Development - Total Restoration Services - Rystedt Creative

When we began working for TRS they wanted to keep their website under budget while still getting the best product possible. In order to accomplish this they asked us to develop a site using their existing print promotional materials and project photographs.

We designed their site to incorporate all of these existing elements and showcase them in the best (and most search engine optimized) fashion possible.


Copywriting - Total Restoration Services - Rystedt Creative

However, towards the end of the project, as the scheduled launch date approached, Total Restoration Services realized something important. Their print material wasn’t best for the Web! If they really wanted quality web pages they needed new content. And TRS wasn’t prepared to create it themselves.

So, at the last minute, we expanded the scope of TRS’ project. We wrote three landing pages for them with keyword research, SEO, and a marketing flow inviting visitors to contact Total Restoration Services.

WordPress Admin Panel and Blog Posting How-To

The website we delivered to TRS was built upon WordPress.

We at Rystedt Creative think that every client should have as much access to their website as they want. We don’t believe in locking our clients in with us for minor updates. So we passed on administrative access to Total Restoration Services’ team (in case they ever want or need it).

How-To Guide - Total Restoration Services - Rystedt Creative

Additionally, TRS wanted the ability to post their own articles to their blog but needed a how-to guide if they were to really take control. So we delivered a how-to guide for posting their own articles on their new website – complete with screenshots.

Hosting and Regular Maintenance and Support

Even though is now online, we’re not leaving Total Restoration Services to fend for themselves.

We’re continuing to provide TRS with hosting, backups, security, and software updates.

Total Restoration Services has also asked us to be available to them at a moment’s notice to make changes, update content, or develop new features.

Website Preview - Total Restoration Services - Rystedt Creative

Does your building need restoration and repair? Consider contacting Total Restoration Services about what restoration services are best for your structure.

Does your business need to launch (or relaunch) a website? Our WordPress Development and Copywriting services can get you from nothing to found. Your next step is as easy as contacting us.

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