GracePoint Insurance is a client that we worked with to bolster their digital marketing initiatives, specifically through web development and content writing. 

As a first step, as do with all our clients, we talked to Daniel to find out what it is about their company that prospective clients should know — what sets them apart. GracePoint isn’t your typical insurance company. GracePoint provides their customers, both businesses and individuals, with a close relationship and specialized plans designed to protect customers based on their specific vulnerabilities and needs. So as we worked with GracePoint’s owner, Daniel Tillberry, we learned that his priority to save people money comes from a deeper desire to serve others. 

From our conversations with Daniel, we knew these two facts had to be front and center: first, GracePoint saves their clients money, and second, the dedication to their clients comes from a desire to help people and their community. This is why their homepage includes a personal message from Daniel, all messaging is consistent in highlighting their client-first attitude, and perhaps most importantly, their endorsement as an Endorsed Local Provider (ELP) by financial management expert Dave Ramsey is displayed and explained to prospective customers. 

Along with personalized promotion of GracePoint’s strengths as a business, we focused on universal digital marketing best practices. This included creating a clear, user-friendly website that directs potential clients to the different services they might need. 

As a result, Daniel Tillberry and his team at GracePoint have seen a drastic improvement in leads from their digital marketing. 

“In our first year of operation, we struggled with a quick and cheap generic website created for those in the insurance industry. No customization and hard to navigate. Very frustrating. Thanks to R Creative, we now have a branded, user-friendly site that attracts five times the leads. It includes a personal letter from me about our agency’s mission and promotes us as a Dave Ramsey endorsed local provider. Joshua was so easy to work with, extremely flexible and patient. I now have peace of mind that our site is working for us. As we continue to grow, I can rely on Joshua and his team to grow with us.”

Daniel Tillberry, SBCS, Owner

GracePoint certainly is a unique financial services company in that their dedication to clients and their community is personal to them. But any financial services company should promote their trustworthiness, ability to help clients manage money well, and above all else, use digital marketing best practices for lead generation. 

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