J.R. Snider, Ltd has been providing professional plumbing services to the Northern Virginia region for more than three decades.

From general plumbing to water heater replacement, J.R. Snider does it all.

J.R. Snider has been working with an area social media expert, Michelle of Loud Mouth Social, to grow and improve their online presence. But they were in need of a couple tweaks to their WordPress website that required some professional WordPress Maintenance and Support.

We’re thrilled that Michelle contacted us to help out. We’ve enjoyed collaborating on this project with J.R. Snider and Loud Mouth Social.

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We assisted J.R. Snider by…

Changing Colors

J.R. Snider Homepage - Rystedt Creative

Consistent branding is important for every business to effectively reach its market across various media. J.R. Snider’s logo is primarily blue and red but their website utilized orange often as an accent color. It was natural for their website’s design to match the atmosphere of their logo.

Their original developer hard coded those colors in the home page template. They could not be easily changed using additional CSS or by editing the page in the WordPress admin panel. The theme template itself needed to be edited.

We carefully replaced the orange elements of their homepage with blue and red colors from their logo in order to lend greater consistency to their homepage.

Adding a Page for Requesting a Quote

J.R. Snider Plumbing Request a Quote Page - Rystedt Creative

When we began working with J.R. Snider their website lacked a dedicated form for requesting a quote. Using their criteria we designed a form for them, styled it to match their site, published a new web-page with this form, added it to their menus, and tested the form for reliability.

Now J.R. Snider can receive detailed quote requests directly from their website.

Looking for a reliable plumber in northern Virginia. Contact J.R. Snider Plumbing.

Does your WordPress website need tweaks and updates? Our WordPress Maintenance and Support team can help! Your next step is as easy as contacting us.

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