BNI Chapter Flyers

Rystedt Creative recently helped launch a new Business Networking International (BNI) chapter in Westminster, Maryland. BNI leverages the philosophy of “givers gain” to help members generate qualified referral business for one another. To help grow this chapter we contributed some graphic design towards our regular happy hour events.

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Black Preacher in a White Town

Maryland author Keith Ward recently finished a groundbreaking novel that wrestles with race and religion issues seldom discussed anywhere today. Upon finishing the novel Mr. Ward knew he needed to get this book’s online presence off right. We worked with him to develop one of our robust Strategic Search Engine Optimization Plans.

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The Wyneken Project

“Excellent design and superlative support. They are always there to help.” - Rev Roy Axel Coats, Treasurer for the Wyneken Project The Wyneken Project is revitalizing and planting churches in Baltimore city. While they were busy changing lives within inner city Baltimore we were busy revitalizing Wyneken’s existing website was a simple site with limited functionality and a canned template design. The Wyneken Project Board of Directors knew that in order to continue to increase their support for Baltimore churches they would need to communicate their success and effectiveness online. That’s where we came in to help. Branding Design As the Wyneken Project continues to grow, a unique atmosphere for their website and other digital and physical communication will become increasingly helpful. Consistent visual atmosphere in communication makes nonprofits instantly recognizable to their volunteers, supporters, and donors. Our creative design team developed consistent branding for the Wyneken Project including colors and typography that they can use on or off the web. We then took this branding design and used it as the guide for their new website’s look and feel. Implementation of Event Sign Up Functionality The Wyneken Project’s success rests in pairing churches with churches in order to jump start churches in need. An important piece to this work is organizing volunteers to assist with events, outreach, and generosity at Baltimore churches. So we implemented an event sign up feature on the new The Wyneken Project is now able to create events, manage volunteers, and send emails to individuals who have signed up. Their volunteers can view events and sign up right on their website. Implementation of a Dedicated Online Giving Portal with Recurring Online Giving…

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The Parenting Copywriter

Gabrielle, our own Chief Creative Officer (CCO), is The Parenting Copywriter. As Rystedt Creative’s CCO she leads our copywriting team but she still loves writing herself - especially on parenting. As her client base has grown she has focused increasingly on the parenting market. Countless businesses need to market to parents effectively. Target is focusing on millennial parents in much of their marketing, cloth diaper companies large and small market to new parents, curriculum publishers market to home-school parents, etc. Gabrielle is uniquely suited to help these companies market through her copywriting services. She herself is a parent of three children, a professional and established copywriter, and holds a degree in business. We at Rystedt Creative realized that we could market parenting copywriting services even better through a separate website dedicated to this niche. So we launched! is owned and operated by Rystedt Creative and leverages our existing copywriting team and experience. Within a week we were page one in searches for “parenting copywriter”. Today, we’re the first result in these searches. Gabrielle is indeed the Parenting Copywriter and we are excited for what’s ahead.

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Lady Environmental

"I collaborated with Rystedt Creative Services to digitize my logo for my blog/business. They worked within an efficient timeline to produce a logo that matched the original that I had drawn while also making it better than the original and more professional looking. I absolutely love it. I know also that if I need help with a website management issue, I can talk to them for advice. Thank you Rystedt Creative Services!!!!" - Shawna Staup (Lady Environmental) ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️ "Lady Environmental" is the online persona of Christian environmentalist, Shawna Staup. She blogs about sustainable living and helps her readers through her recipes for environmentally friendly body products, vegetarian meals, and more. When Lady Environmental launched her blog she had a creative idea for her logo which she first designed on paper and then recreated digitally. Yet she wanted a higher quality version of her logo that had a more accurate globe and even lines. Her need for a professional logo grew as she began experimenting with ways to monetize her platform through product sales. Logo Redesign We took her existing logo, recreated her swooping "le", and digitally drew a more accurate globe. The final product is high quality vector art that Lady Environmental can use on and off the Web. Subscribe to Lady Environmental's blog for tips and tricks for sustainable living and keep your eyes peeled for her upcoming products. Did you know? Our WordPress Development Services come bundled with graphic art and design. Just mention your graphic needs when you contact us.

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Elk Creek Designs

"Joshua at Rystedt Creative was beyond helpful when we ran into technical issues with our website. His extensive WordPress and Woocommerce knowledge helped to answer all of our web development questions. He was always available with a friendly demeanor and ready to talk us through our questions and what needed to be edited or changed on the website, and even showed us via screen-share the exact steps necessary. We greatly enjoyed working with Joshua and would recommend him to anyone!" – Mallory Olson, Elk Creek Designs and Rocket Active Gear A regular client of ours recently launched Elk Creek Designs is an e-commerce store for custom printed products. They sell everything from mugs to canvas wall art. Elk Creek Designs wanted to get their new site cleaned up and ready for Black Friday shopping but ran into a few snags in the process. We've been working with them ever since. We have assisted Elk Creek Designs by... Providing product centric graphic design Elk Creek Designs has a wealth of product images. We incorporated these images in designs for sliders and product collections. Designing Valentine's collection image pairs We combined product images that belong in the same collection to better illustrate the products found in each apparel collection. Designing slider images We also designed three new slider images for use on Elk Creek Design's homepage. Walking them through how to build some new product pages themselves Elk Creek Designs' team wanted to build out some new product pages for their Christmas products that matched other product categories on their website. Yet they were unsure if how they were doing so would work properly. We walked them through how to build…

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