one of the best wealth advisors in the state of Maryland. They help their clients build wealth whether they need to create retirement income or just increase their tax efficiency.

We’ve been working alongside P&S since December of 2018 supporting their website, launching new web pages, publishing content, and planning a video campaign.

When Jacob Sturgill first contacted us he was looking for content writing to help build his own online presence but knew that the entire group would need web help down the road.

Here’s what we’ve been up to:

Content Writing

In order to keep your following engaged and stay at the forefront of their minds you need content that is genuinely helpful and drives traffic.

Our writing team, led by Gabrielle Rystedt, works closely with P&S’ advisors to plan, research, and write well crafted articles on financial topics that pass compliance and are easily accessible to the average reader.

We’ve published content like:

We began publishing some content in January 2019. By February site views had doubled.

New Web Pages

No website can stay static for long. The P&S website occasionally needs new pages to reflect changes with the company and to showcase new content.

So we set to work designing a few new pages including a new blog page and the Ask an Advisor resource page.

Late 2019 Video Campaign

As our writing team worked with the P&S team we realized that something was missing.

We needed to get these advisors on camera.

So we set to work finding a talented videographer, planning the shoot, guiding the project, and transcribing the completed content.

We recently published the first video in the campaign here and will be dripping out the rest throughout 2019.

Video increases social reach and decreases site bounce rates. By combining the two mediums we’re reaching a wider audience and increasing the professional appeal of P&S.

Perhaps more importantly, due to compliance restrictions, most financial advisors lack video content. What is available is often low quality and poorly informed. P&S is challenging that expectation in Maryland.

Site Bug Fixes and Upgrades

When we began working with P&S their site was slow, they were using an encrypted http connection, their PHP version was out of date and insecure, and most of their site software hadn’t been updated in an extended period of time.

Hey, it happens when you’re between web specialists.

We’ve been working to correct site errors and improve site functionality bit by bit each month. is now more secure, up to date, and quicker – and we aren’t done yet.

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