Paulding Pregnancy Services

I work for a small non-profit which means resources (financial and time) are very limited. I needed a few changes made to our website and was referred to Rystedt Creative for help. Even though it was a small job, that didn't matter. Josh treated my needs with great care and respect, he communicated throughout the entire process and kept me informed of everything. I knew I was in great hands and would highly recommend this company to anyone needed these types of services. Rystedt Creative is now our preferred vendor for anything related to our online presence.

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Black Preacher in a White Town

Maryland author Keith Ward recently finished a groundbreaking novel that wrestles with race and religion issues seldom discussed anywhere today. Upon finishing the novel Mr. Ward knew he needed to get this book’s online presence off right. We worked with him to develop one of our robust Strategic Search Engine Optimization Plans.

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The Wyneken Project

“Excellent design and superlative support. They are always there to help.” - Rev Roy Axel Coats, Treasurer for the Wyneken Project The Wyneken Project is revitalizing and planting churches in Baltimore city. While they were busy changing lives within inner city Baltimore we were busy revitalizing Wyneken’s existing website was a simple site with limited functionality and a canned template design. The Wyneken Project Board of Directors knew that in order to continue to increase their support for Baltimore churches they would need to communicate their success and effectiveness online. That’s where we came in to help. Branding Design As the Wyneken Project continues to grow, a unique atmosphere for their website and other digital and physical communication will become increasingly helpful. Consistent visual atmosphere in communication makes nonprofits instantly recognizable to their volunteers, supporters, and donors. Our creative design team developed consistent branding for the Wyneken Project including colors and typography that they can use on or off the web. We then took this branding design and used it as the guide for their new website’s look and feel. Implementation of Event Sign Up Functionality The Wyneken Project’s success rests in pairing churches with churches in order to jump start churches in need. An important piece to this work is organizing volunteers to assist with events, outreach, and generosity at Baltimore churches. So we implemented an event sign up feature on the new The Wyneken Project is now able to create events, manage volunteers, and send emails to individuals who have signed up. Their volunteers can view events and sign up right on their website. Implementation of a Dedicated Online Giving Portal with Recurring Online Giving…

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J.R. Snider Plumbing

J.R. Snider, Ltd has been providing professional plumbing services to the Northern Virginia region for more than three decades. From general plumbing to water heater replacement, J.R. Snider does it all. J.R. Snider has been working with an area social media expert, Michelle of Loud Mouth Social, to grow and improve their online presence. But they were in need of a couple tweaks to their WordPress website that required some professional WordPress Maintenance and Support. We’re thrilled that Michelle contacted us to help out. We’ve enjoyed collaborating on this project with J.R. Snider and Loud Mouth Social. We assisted J.R. Snider by… Changing Colors Consistent branding is important for every business to effectively reach its market across various media. J.R. Snider’s logo is primarily blue and red but their website utilized orange often as an accent color. It was natural for their website’s design to match the atmosphere of their logo. Their original developer hard coded those colors in the home page template. They could not be easily changed using additional CSS or by editing the page in the WordPress admin panel. The theme template itself needed to be edited. We carefully replaced the orange elements of their homepage with blue and red colors from their logo in order to lend greater consistency to their homepage. Adding a Page for Requesting a Quote When we began working with J.R. Snider their website lacked a dedicated form for requesting a quote. Using their criteria we designed a form for them, styled it to match their site, published a new web-page with this form, added it to their menus, and tested the form for reliability. Now J.R. Snider can receive detailed quote…

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Farm Market iD

Farm Market iD is a national businesses that provides data driven marketing and software solutions for agriculture businesses. They offer a wealth of useful content for agri-businesses on their blog, in their articles, and in their ebooks. In addition to this wealth of free content they also sell farm data and software like FarmFocus and FieldVision.FMiD is a unique company in a unique position. Their unparalleled database paired with their software and written content make them an invaluable resource for agri-businesses of all types. For over six months we worked closely with FMiD to give their content marketing a boost and help them launch a new website for the company. Writing value added content Our writing team regularly provided value added content for Farm Market iD including blog posts, feature articles, and e-books to supplement the content they were already creating. We've written blog posts like: 4 Questions Data Can AnswerUsing Data to Predict & Act On Farmers' Behavior5 Strategies for Selling Directly to Farmers Our feature articles include: Building a Data-Powered Agriculture Business PlanA Data-Led Sales Conversation, Start to FinishStarting an Agriculture Blog, Start-to-Finish We have also written the content used in FMiD's ebook on Using Data in the Field.  Our written content is helping FMiD reach their content marketing goals. Through this content the company is increasing their web traffic and conversions. Modifying HubSpot Content FMiD uses both HubSpot and WordPress for various aspects of their online presence. In addition to our development on their WordPress website we have also supported FMiD's HubSpot content. Modifying HubSpot Landing Page Templates In order to convert web traffic to leads Farm Market iD wanted fresh landing pages for their expanded content. We designed four…

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Holy Cross Lutheran Church

"Our organization recently contracted with Rystedt Creative to update our website. They did a great job recommending upgrades and handled the work for us. Also, because we are a non-profit, they took into consideration our limited resources for their pricing structure. We really appreciate the quick turnaround time too!" - Pastor Tom Zucconi, Holy Cross Lutheran Church Holy Cross Lutheran Church is a congregation in the Lutheran Church Missouri Synod located in Dallas Texas. The congregation is currently ministering to both English and Spanish speakers of all ages through their worship services and varied programs. Holy Cross has a WordPress powered website that their staff thought could use some improvements. We worked closely with Holy Cross' staff to help them determine what about their website could be improved and what impact they could expect each improvement to have upon their online reach. Holy Cross took advantage of a free consultation call, a free website evaluation, and our free website self-evaluation tool throughout their staff decision making process. (By the way, these free resources are available to you as well. Contact us to receive your free consultation call and website evaluation.) Ultimately, Holy Cross asked us to make numerous improvements to We assisted Holy Cross by... Replacing their slider plugin Holy Cross Lutheran Church has a full width slider just below the header of their home page. They use this slider to make various announcements. Their original slider was powered by their WordPress theme. The default slider caused the page to “jump” when slides had different heights. We switched to Slider Revolution, recreated their current slides using Slider Revolution, and provided them with an introductory walk through of the…

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Elk Creek Designs

"Joshua at Rystedt Creative was beyond helpful when we ran into technical issues with our website. His extensive WordPress and Woocommerce knowledge helped to answer all of our web development questions. He was always available with a friendly demeanor and ready to talk us through our questions and what needed to be edited or changed on the website, and even showed us via screen-share the exact steps necessary. We greatly enjoyed working with Joshua and would recommend him to anyone!" – Mallory Olson, Elk Creek Designs and Rocket Active Gear A regular client of ours recently launched Elk Creek Designs is an e-commerce store for custom printed products. They sell everything from mugs to canvas wall art. Elk Creek Designs wanted to get their new site cleaned up and ready for Black Friday shopping but ran into a few snags in the process. We've been working with them ever since. We have assisted Elk Creek Designs by... Providing product centric graphic design Elk Creek Designs has a wealth of product images. We incorporated these images in designs for sliders and product collections. Designing Valentine's collection image pairs We combined product images that belong in the same collection to better illustrate the products found in each apparel collection. Designing slider images We also designed three new slider images for use on Elk Creek Design's homepage. Walking them through how to build some new product pages themselves Elk Creek Designs' team wanted to build out some new product pages for their Christmas products that matched other product categories on their website. Yet they were unsure if how they were doing so would work properly. We walked them through how to build…

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Jennifer Zucconi Nutrition

Top notch service and design! Joshua took me from having zero real estate to one of the most beautiful “homes” in the virtual neighborhood! In starting my business there was so much to think about. Website development was something I knew I’d have to outsource…I had NO idea how or where to start! The first time I talked with Joshua he spent most of our conversation listening as I shared about my emerging business, my anticipated goals, and my very scattered ideas of how I envisioned my website. He’s definitely a good visionary, because he took my fuzzy ideas and transformed them into a crystal clear, and beautiful, reality! In addition to his visual creativity, his SEO expertise has helped lead many searches to my site. Joshua stayed in constant contact with me as he was building my site, and he continues to be a great resource for me while I’m up and running. He responds very promptly, answers my (many) questions completely, and has taught me how to begin using the behind-the-scenes elements of my site. I’m so glad I found Rystedt Creative! Joshua was instrumental in creating a wonderful place for me in the virtual world. Whether you’re starting from zero or you have a fixer-upper, Joshua and Rystedt Creative can create a space you’ll be so excited to invite visitors into! - Jennifer Zucconi Jennifer Zucconi is a Dallas area registered dietician and food sensitivity specialist. She contacted us to help her launch her virtual dietetics practice! When we began working with Jennifer she had no branding, logo, or website. She had all the knowledge, expertise, certifications, and (most importantly) passion. All she needed was a helping…

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Rocket Active Gear

"Joshua at Rystedt Creative was beyond helpful when we ran into technical issues with our website.  His extensive Wordpress and Woocommerce knowledge helped to answer all of our web development questions.  He was always available with a friendly demeanor and ready to talk us through our questions and what needed to be edited or changed on the website, and even showed us via screen-share the exact steps necessary.  We greatly enjoyed working with Joshua and would recommend him to anyone!" - Mallory Olson, Rocket Active Gear and Elk Creek Designs Rystedt Creative recently assisted with the launch of Rocket Active Gear sells active gear such as camping, cycling, and hiking products through their WordPress powered store. Like Rystedt Creative, Rocket Active Gear is based in Maryland. Upon running into some roadblocks that they were unable to solve or were spending too much time attempting to puzzle out Rocket Active Gear asked Rystedt Creative to assist them in launching the site. Part of our time was spent researching possible causes of problems they were experiencing, providing recommendations for possible solutions, and demoing those solutions. We also assisted Rocket Active Gear by... Building a custom product category navigation menu The theme powered product category navigation they were attempting to use was not compatible with some of the other software powering the site and caused numerous bugs that complicated the navigation of the site. We disabled the offending navigation software, built a category navigation menu, implemented it, and thoroughly tested it. Now Rocket Active Gear is easy to navigate. Installing recommended solution to bundle a free gift with a customer's purchase Rocket Active Gear wanted an option to offer a free downloadable…

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