“I collaborated with Rystedt Creative Services to digitize my logo for my blog/business. They worked within an efficient timeline to produce a logo that matched the original that I had drawn while also making it better than the original and more professional looking. I absolutely love it. I know also that if I need help with a website management issue, I can talk to them for advice. Thank you Rystedt Creative Services!!!!”
– Shawna Staup (Lady Environmental)

“Lady Environmental” is the online persona of Christian environmentalist, Shawna Staup.

She blogs about sustainable living and helps her readers through her recipes for environmentally friendly body products, vegetarian meals, and more.

When Lady Environmental launched her blog she had a creative idea for her logo which she first designed on paper and then recreated digitally.

Yet she wanted a higher quality version of her logo that had a more accurate globe and even lines.

Her need for a professional logo grew as she began experimenting with ways to monetize her platform through product sales.

Logo Redesign

Redesigning the Lady Environmental Logo - Rystedt Creative

We took her existing logo, recreated her swooping “le”, and digitally drew a more accurate globe.

The final product is high quality vector art that Lady Environmental can use on and off the Web.

Subscribe to Lady Environmental’s blog for tips and tricks for sustainable living and keep your eyes peeled for her upcoming products.

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Rystedt Creative's WordPress Development Services come bundled with graphic art and design

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