Renewed Strength Personal Training Studio is a local fitness and training studio that was concerned about a competitor’s position in Google search engine results pages (SERPs). In certain searches this other fitness coach was also ranking on page one or even above Renewed Strength Personal Training. Yet their competitor’s website is poorly designed compared to Renewed Strength and the services they offer are limited. So why were they still ranking well?

Renewed Strength Personal Training Studio in Google SERPs - Rystedt Creative

SEO on Wix

Renewed Strength contacted us to ask if we could evaluate their Wix powered website and determine what could be done to improve their search ranking.

We evaluated both Renewed Strength’s website and their competitor’s site and then provided Renewed Strength Personal Training with a four step plan for improving their ranking.

Structured Metadata

One of those steps was implementing robust structured metadata on their webpages.

Renewed Strength’s website was using barely any structured metadata and thus not taking advantage of the local SEO benefits available when you provide your business data in this format.

The studio decided that this step, in particular, was one they wanted us to take on.

Adding structured metadata in Wix - Rystedt Creative

However, Wix limits what kind of metadata can be added through their admin panel (eg no Open Graph tags).

Yet structured metadata works as long as it is inserted into the header of your web pages and Wix does allow you to insert custom code into the headers.

So we got crafty! We evaluated what metadata Wix was already implementing (only two tags), coded unique metadata for every page of Renewed Strength’s website, and added that code to their Wix pages using an alternative method in the Wix admin panel.

With this and other SEO improvements we’re confident that Renewed Strength can increase their rankings and beat their competitor.

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