Dads’ Works and Moms’ Works is helping families in Central Maryland and Southern Pennsylvania through their program for strengthening parenting skills.
We’re helping Dads’ Works and Moms’ Works by updating their website content attractively.

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Here’s how we’ve been assisting Dads Works and Moms’ Works recently:

Enabling a More Secure Connection to Their Website

Insecure Warning in Google Chrome for Dads Works and Moms Works Website

When the Director of Dads’ Works and us first began discussing their web needs we placed site security at the top of the list. Squarespace does an excellent job of securing their website yet was lacking proper HTTPS/SSL implementation. Like so many other nonprofits, their site displayed a prominent “Not Secure” warning in Chrome based browsers (nearly all web browsers today).

We worked within Squarespace’s system to install an SSL certificate and implement thorough HTTPS connections.

In layman’s terms: they now have a green lock in Chrome:

Dads’ Works and Moms’ Works with a secure lock in Vivaldi

Designing and Implementing a Matching Grant Announcement

While in the midst of work for Dads’ Works and Moms’ Works the organization received a surprise matching grant. Naturally, they needed to draw attention to this grant through their website.

We designed a matching grant section for their homepage complete with a color scheme and donation links.

Creating a New Way to Honor Sponsors

Daddy Daughter Dance Sponsorship Hero Image

Every year Dads’ Works hosts a Daddy Daughter Dance that is sponsored by local businesses. But they were having difficulty arranging sponsors on their website in a way that gave the biggest donors the prominent attention without distracting from their purpose.

We worked with Dads’ Works and Moms’ Works to rearrange their sponsors throughout their website, from hero images and a sponsorship page to the footer of the website.

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