Weebly vs WordPress

So you are thinking of building a website (or having one built for you). You've heard of popular software like Weebly and WordPress. You know that you want to make changes to your site on your own after it is launched. Which do you choose (if either)? Here we pit Weebly vs WordPress so you can make the most informed decision. Content Management Systems Both Weebly and WordPress are Content Management Systems (CMSs). A CMS gives website developers, owners, and admins the ability to build, write, modify, and extend web content. Using a CMS means that you may not need to write any code to modify a page, publish a blog post, add a product, or change simple settings. Both Weebly and WordPress do these things and more. Weebly Weebly is one of the most popular drag-and-drop DIY web builder services. It has grown by leaps and bounds since 2007. Their (mostly) intuitive builder, simple pricing tiers, and one-stop-shop model has propelled their growth. According to Weebly, their software now powers more than 40 million sites. Weebly is proprietary software and is tightly controlled by the company. WordPress WordPress is still the king of content management systems. It powers more than 60 million sites including 35% of the top 10k sites on the web. WordPress powers such sites as TechCrunch, The New Yorker, BBC America, Bloomberg Professional, The Official Star Wars Blog, Variety, Sony Music, and MTV News. WordPress is open-source. Anyone can view the code, contribute to the project, or build onto the software. Weebly vs WordPress Let's put these two in the ring and see who emerges the victor. Theming and Styles Both WordPress and Weebly support themes.…

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Relaunching the Raising Rystedts Blog

In addition to creating modern and effective online content for our clients we have been busy refreshing our own online properties. The Raising Rystedts blog is a family blog published by our Chief Creative Officer (CCO), Gabrielle. It is also our oldest active online property... and it was in need of a refresh. The old site had expensive hosting, an inflexible content management system (CMS), poor search engine optimization (SEO) and limited extensibility due to the host's requirements. It was time to make a change. While launching the Rystedt Creative website and designing client projects we began work on re-designing Raising Rystedts. Like most organizations we wanted the least amount of downtime possible so we developed the new site locally while we left the old site online. We mimicked the original site's atmosphere while rethinking the user interface (UI). The old UI felt too constricted on PCs, the multiple blogs were not unified and the UI had no interactive feel. When designing the new website we resolved each of these issues in turn. We modified an existing design to feel more spacious on desktops and read more like a magazine, unified all the old blogs as one blog with multiple category pages and added image and link effects that breathed new life into a simple blog. The development of the site was accomplished using a customized WordPress powered install with our firm's preferences. We installed our preferred plugins and edited necessary PHP and CSS files. Finally we began copying content from the old site. In most website relaunches porting old content is one of the most time consuming aspects but it is worth the investment. If done right all of…

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The Best Content Management System: WordPress

What do Tech Crunch, BBC America and the official Disney owned Star Wars Blog all have in common? Sure, they publish stuff you can read, they're well known and their owners make money but there is something else... WordPress All of these sites are powered by WordPress. As are sites owned by Sony, Bloomberg, the New Yorker... and many, many more. WordPress Has Transformed the Web WordPress was released in 2003 and the Web hasn't looked back since. Now nearly 30% of the Web is powered by it. According to WordPress, there are 60 million active sites using their services. But by a rough calculation of the nearly 1 billion websites online, that number could easily be much higher. What is WordPress? WordPress is a Content Management System (CMS) and functions as the backend of a website. It does the heavy lifting - like the primary database functionality, user accounts, post scheduling, email subscriptions, admin panels and more. It is also open source and customizable. Some companies customize their WordPress installs to fit their needs more specifically rather than build a CMS from the ground up (and they save a lot of money). Yet most website owners don't need a custom CMS - they need a custom website. That's where companies like Rystedt Creative Services comes in. Individuals, freelancers, and creative firms (like us) use WordPress as the digital foundation for custom designed and developed websites. WordPress allows creative web professionals to spend their time focusing on what the client really needs on the front-end (a beautiful, adaptive and functional search engine ready website) while letting WordPress do the heavy lifting on the backend. Sure, we install professional plugins and…

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