Your business takes a lot of your time (OK, maybe all of your time). Where are you going to find time to design your brand’s colors, fonts, and logo?
Psst! You probably won’t find the time. And that’s alright! You’re making your community a better place through your uniquely great products or services. Focus on that.

Let us help with the branding and logo.

Harmony Personal Care

Harmony is a an assisted living facility in Hanover, Pennsylvania. Their owner reached out to us through our website (because organic content marketing works) about a whole slew of work they needed done. Step one? Branding and logo design.

They had invested in a low quality logo in the past and it was time to take things to a professional level.

So we came alongside them to help.

Colors and Typogprahy Design

Before we ever begin designing a logo we start with brand colors and typography.

This gives us the overall "feel" of the brand that will begin to take literal physical shape with a logo.

Logo Design

Harmony had an existing logo with a tree representing their core values of helping, caring, and assisting.

So many assisted living facilities use trees in their branding but most are shown in the season of Fall. Although seiniors needing assisted living may be in the "Fall" of their lives, the branding is depressing and does not accurately represent how the assisted living facility helps their residents to thrive. Harmony wanted to show their tree in the season of "Spring" – a thriving tree.

Additionally, Harmony wanted to use their company name in their logo and have more than just a symbol. We married these two ideas in what would become their final design.

Do you know someone in need of Assisted Living near Hanover Pensylvania? Contact Harmony Personal Care.

Ready to rebrand your own growing company? Your next step is as easy as contacting us. We can bundle our logo and branding design with other online services to help you increase your online presence in as little as 90 days.

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