Get Your Nikes On!
A Few Tips Before Running to Your Designer

I recently received a call from a customer needing a fresh design for a brochure.

This is what she had when she called:

  • Ideas, but unsure of which direction to take
  • Copies of a variety of logos, colors, and fonts from decades of changes
  • And she wanted something bright and “up to date”

Let’s get started.

But first we need some direction.

Here’s how I help my clients determine what design they need. That way, once I begin designing, we’re already on the right track.

This list will be helpful for anyone needing:

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Preparing Your Material For Your Designer:


Before spending money on your website, advertisement, brochure, or company t-shirt, think about your goal.

Where do you want this content to take your customer? Are you encouraging customers to use the e-commerce part of your business to free up your labor force? Do you want potential customers to go to a trade show? Maybe you have a new product you are eager to sell.

Your goal gives your designer clear direction.


We’ve all had that school assignment to write a story using the basic elements of character, plot, setting, conflict, and resolution. Consider this when gathering your ideas for the project you are creating. Focus on who the people (characters) are that you want to reach and what you want them to do.

What are the demographics? Who are your buyers?

For instance: Are you trying to reach the Boomers or Generation X? Is your focus on professionals or patients? Is your aim to send them somewhere or to buy a service?

A professional designer will want to tailor their design for your target audience. Know who that is.


How do you want to reach your audience?

Consider whether you are doing mailings, handing out material, installing signage, or targeting your web audience.

Designers can talk with you about some modes and methods of engaging your customers. But before you meet, put some thought into what you think will work for your clients (and why).

Photos and Logos

Gather all photos and logos to send to your designer. Send high resolution files and any vector art you have. If you are unsure what your designer needs, just ask.

Designers would rather have more, with options to choose from, than have to request additional material throughout the project (plus, you may get your finished product sooner).

Brand or Company Image

Give your designer your company’s image and branding to work with.

What do you look like? Are you a slick, glossy, bright and bold splash of a company, simply chic, or crisp and organic?

Give your designer a peak into who you are. When your designer knows your brand’s atmosphere they will better be able to capture it in their new designs.


In a previous article we talked about colors and knowing your color branding in all formats of CMYK, RGB, HEX, and PMS. Send your designer this information for seamless color reproduction on screen, signage, fabric, or paper. You can also visit website to get professionals help you with your design ideas.


If you use a specific set of fonts for your logo or company literature give this information to your designer.

This is part of your identity and what customers will remember if used consistently and repeatedly. Think of the fonts used for Disney, Boston Red Sox, Mountain Dew, and Nike. You can make your mark with just a font!

Just for Fun!

Put together a Company Image or Branding for your Family!

Focus on what you want your family’s most important message and identity to be.

Create a look that says who you are and want to be known for years to come.

Pick some colors, fonts, company name, tagline, mission, and message.

Rystedt Creative’s WordPress Development Services come bundled with graphic design. We’ll work closely with your organization to meet your goal, target your audience, and maintain continuity with your brand. Your next step is as easy as contacting us.

Rystedt Creative's WordPress Development Services come bundled with graphic art and design

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