What is AI?

“AI” stands for Artificial Intelligence. But what is that, really?

What People Think AI Is:


What Developers Want AI to Be:


What AI Actually Is (to date):

Alright, humor aside, here’s what AI actually is:

Colloquially, the term “artificial intelligence” is applied when a machine mimics “cognitive” functions that humans associate with other human minds, such as “learning” and “problem solving”*

True Artificial Intelligence, a machine that can learn and evolve beyond its programming, does not yet exist.

When we speak of “AI” today we’re actually referring to machines and applications that mimic human learning and problem solving.

Such applications are indeed sophisticated but they only mimic intelligence. They are not, in fact, demonstrating independent learning.

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Can AI Build Websites?

Numerous companies are now boasting website building AI.

These web based applications ask users questions, compile data from external sources, and design a website using the criteria and input given. Some website AI builders are more sophisticated than others.

The best website building AIs generate a unique site template for each user. The worst, are nothing more than a well crafted skin atop a handful of templates.

AI really do build websites. But are such sites ready to publish after the AI is done?

After all, you want AI that builds you a website you can launch the day you see it – a cheaper and quicker replacement for web-developers. But does that type of AI exist yet?

Which AI Build the Best Websites?

Some of the best AI website builders available today include:

Ads for these AI often boast of building a website tailored for you in mere minutes. If this is true personal web-development should be on the outs and AI web-development on the rise.

Is it true?

We know how powerful software is – heck, we use numerous professional software tools to assist us in developing unique WordPress websites. But can the best web development AI really build stunningly unique websites?

We’ve taken the best website building AI for a spin. Here’s what we found:


Wix ADI - Should I Let AI Build My Website? - Rystedt Creative

Wix ADI asked us for our contact info, social media links, existing website, what type of business we arr, and what our new website should be able to do.

Despite giving Wix ADI such a wealth of content (our existing website and social media accounts have a lot of media and text Wix could pull), Wix delievered what appeared to be a canned template with some key phrases replaced and our logo inserted.

Wix ADI didn’t even pull text from our existing site or social accounts so all the copy on these pages is filler.

We would not launch a website using Wix ADI exclusively. The results of Wix’s much acclaimed AI web builder still requires the owner’s or developer’s attention before launching the site.

Jimdo Dolphin

Jimdo Dolphin - Should I Let AI Build My Website? - Rystedt Creative

The similarities between Wix ADI and Jimdo Dolphin are extensive. Both AI website builders rely primarily on the type of website you want and what your goals are (like any good web developer should).

Unlike Wix ADI, Jimdo Dolphin gives you the option of importing your Instagram pictures for the AI to use. We skipped this option – we expect our results would have been more satisfying if we had utilized Instagram content.

Yet even with Instagram content the results would have been disappointing.

Like Wix ADI, Jimdo Dolphin’s results feel like a theme template with some key phrases replaced.

We would not launch a website using Jimdo Dolphin exclusively. The sites we’ve generated using this AI still require nearly as much custom work as any pre-designed template would.


B12.io - Should I Let AI Build My Website? - Rystedt Creative

B12.io is the new AI on the Web.

It was also the most useful AI website builder we’ve tested.

Sure, B12.io asked us the typical questions about who we are and what we do. They also asked for our existing website. Amazingly, using just this info, B12.io found all of our social accounts automatically, important text and images from our existing online presence, and incorporated them into an algorithm generated template.

The sites we’ve generated using B12.io still need tweaking and additional content but they are much closer to a finished product than what is delivered by the other top web builder AIs.

Just keep in mind that not even B12.io is a “one and done” solution. B12 knows it too. They aggressive follow up with their users via email so one of their B12 developers can polish the site the AI started…

…but then what is the point of the AI?

But Can AI Build Better Websites Than People?


But you deserve a more thorough explanation than that.

See, AI itself is still in its infancy and true AI doesn’t exist (yet). The AI web builders currently on the market are really just smart website template building tools. They don’t build finished websites – they just help you get started.

And, as B12.io knows, people build great websites – not AI (at least not today). We can recommend some AI website builders if you’re looking for a web template designed for you on the fly but if you need much more you should speak with a developer.

Our WordPress Development services can do more than get your website started – we can deliver a fully functional site on launch day that is carefully tailored for your business. Your next step is as easy as contacting us.

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