Stand Out From the Crowd and Stay One Step Ahead of Copycat Competitors

Copycats. Just when you thought you’d left these middle school nuisances behind, you see something come across your Instagram feed that looks shockingly familiar. A little too familiar… You overhear a newcomer to a networking event with an elevator pitch that you’ve heard before. That you’ve delivered before… Copycat competitors are lurking everywhere, regardless of what industry you work in. And with the proliferation of online content and widely shared ideas, it’s easier than ever for someone to pick up your trail and start mimicking your every move. If you haven’t experienced copycat competition yet, chances are, you will at some point down the road. Since getting off the Internet and conducting business by smoke signal isn’t exactly a viable option, how can you set yourself apart and stay one step ahead of your copycat competition? And are there any ways that copycats can actually help you stand out from the crowd? Read on to learn more about how you can stay ahead of your copycats and mute their impact. Step One: Own Your Niche Chances are, if you have a business of any sort, you also have a niche. Whether you cater to Colorado newlyweds seeking unique honeymoon itineraries or repair air conditioners in government buildings, you know your market and how to reach them. When you work your niche, you gain visibility in and develop strong relationships with others in that niche. Typically, you don’t have a lot of competition within that niche, and you stand out from the crowd simply because it’s such a specialized portion of the market. When copycats try to enter the scene, they may be watching your moves and try to gain an…

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Should You Hire a Graphic Designer or a Graphic Artist?

Who should you seek out — a Graphic Designer or a Graphic Artist? The answer to this question is actually fairly simple ­— if you consider what you have to work with and what you want to accomplish. Customers often ask me to work on a project as a Graphic Designer without realizing that what they really need is a Graphic Artist. When I meet with a client and they request art to be created from their ideas rather than use their images and information to communicate, I often have to redirect them. Graphic Designers and Graphic Artists have many similarities when they sit down at the keyboard - they both use similar software and work with design elements, after all. But the “ingredients” they begin with and the creations they end up with differ as significantly as the kitchen creations that a chef or a baker might produce. Before you search out either a Graphic Designer or a Graphic Artist, consider what you have on hand now and what you want to have at the completion of the project. [text_with_frame id="368c1dbfefba91dceb946d322e0e86bc" content="‹¨›p‹˜›‹¨›em‹˜›If you find this article helpful consider giving it a share‹¯›nbsp;‹¨›/em‹˜›?‹¨›/p‹˜›" line_color="rgba(0,0,0,.07)" text_font="body" heading_font="heading" animation="none" animation_speed="2" animation_delay="0" __fw_editor_shortcodes_id="e6852c2dacc162bc8c34ba646905e841" _fw_coder="aggressive"][/text_with_frame]   Does a Graphic Designer Best Fit Your Needs?   Does one (or more) of the following statements describe your graphic branding situation? You currently have a strong visual platform. You are looking for a mode to communicate something. You want to reach an audience with your established branding but just need the optimal visual medium for your message. You have a strong company image, numerous product photos and/or technical guides already in use. You know who you want…

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