Is your website helping your business grow? 

If your business is growing offline you may not feel any pressure to answer that question. 

And that’s alright. The pressure is off because you’re obviously already doing some awesome things offline.

Yet your website could be leveraged to supplement that offline growth. 

How much faster would your business grow if it was growing offline and online? 

No pressure – all opportunity. 

Is your growing business ready to take advantage of the opportunity your website presents? 

If so, here are 5 ways your growing business can leverage the Web for faster growth:

1. Make contacting you stupid easy

You want potential customers to be able to reach you quickly and comfortably. 

Don’t make them always pick up the phone to call. 

Don’t force them to use Facebook Messenger. 

Don’t make them dig through your website for the mysteriously buried contact page. 

Provide contact opportunities on every page that fits your sales funnel and target market’s preferred communication methods. 

This may mean putting contact forms on every landing page. This may look like a live chat widget all throughout the site. Perhaps it is an invitation to text the company number. 

Regardless, if you make it stupid easy for your potential customer to reach you they more likely will. 

2. Quantify contacts through the web as soon as possible

Junk leads slows your sales process down and spam just buries the legitimate leads. Time to quantify. 

You can sometimes quantify leads before they even reach you – like our contact form that requires potential customers to check off what services they are in need of. 

You can nearly always quantify leads on the first reply, respond to their request, offer some additional value add information, and ask for the next step in the sales process. Ready to level up? Automate this using your email service, chat bot, or text service. 

If you aren’t quantifying you’ll always be slogging through junk while you try to sell. 

3. Ask for the sale

Don’t wait for the Zoom call. Don’t wait for them to beg you to sell to them. Ask now – like on your website. 

The biggest reasons websites with traffic don’t drive sales? A combination of wrong audience and lack of well thought out calls to action

Ask for the sale. 

Do it strategically, be audience specific, and don’t be beggy – but do ask. 

Remember when you could confidently ask someone on a date and they loved you for it? It wasn’t creepy at all? That’s possible on your website and in your sales process. 

If you know your audience well and ask right it will move things to the next level

4. Get Mobile (or more mobile)

Why in 2022 are we still dealing with poorly mobile optimized websites? We think it is because web developers develop on PCs and optimize for mobile. It is an afterthought for some developers. 

If so, it is definitely an afterthought for most business owners. When was the last time you looked at your website on your smartphone? 

Being mobile friendly isn’t just a list of technical things for your web developer to consider. It is a recognition that most of your customers are using their phones. 

Here are some other ways to “get mobile”:

  • Use a business number people can text
  • Share content with customers that can be viewed easily from a mobile phone (eg web pages are usually better than PDFs)
  • Integrate your e-commerce store with services like Apple Pay to make it easier for customers to buy on the go
  • Give the important info early on your web pages
  • Don’t neglect Google My Business
  • Mobile optimize your website (OK, yea, you still need to do that – we can help)

5. Consider Automated Recurring Payments

Whether you’re selling products or services you can find ways to leverage automated recurring payments. 

Automated recurring payments makes cost dependable for your customers and creates a steady revenue stream for your business (plus, it is great for business value). 

If you are selling physical products, consider a subscription service for products that fit that – fixed price, regular shipments, automated billing. 

If you are selling services, find ways to package your services so they can be sold as a subscription model. 

Sure, you don’t want to just push subscriptions but do offer them. Try it out and see if your customer base takes to the idea. You may be surprised. 

If your growing business wants to grow faster online we would love to speak with you. Our digital marketing team can help you leverage the web and supplement your offline growth.

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