Digital marketing for construction companies comes with some unique challenges and opportunities. For an industry that offers physical products and services, bridging the digital gap provides an entirely new way to connect with clients and strengthen sales efforts.

As you work on your strategy for marketing a construction business, consider some of the following tips to make your online content stand out!

1. Highlight customer success stories

Referrals are one of the strongest ways to attract new clients. But in an increasingly digital shopping environment, word-of-mouth recommendations are harder to come by.

Rather than wait for satisfied customers to tell their friends and colleagues about the wonderful work you do, showcase their projects and glowing recommendations on your website. Use your site and social media pages as a virtual showroom to share testimonials, success stories, and of course, plenty of pictures to turn potential clients into solid leads.

2. Show off your expertise

Similarly, you can use photo galleries and short write-ups to give potential clients browsing your site a better idea of what it is that you’re doing for your clients. Working on a project at the local hospital? Create a gallery that gives medical building project managers a reference point for understanding how you could help them with construction projects they might need at their facility.

Whatever it is that you’re good at, provide plenty of pictures and easy-to-understand explainers that show off your expertise without bogging people down in technical language.

3. Explain with infographics

Another helpful way to support your online show-and-tell is to use colorful infographics to share information with your audience. You can work with a digital artist to develop graphics that explain a common service that you offer or to highlight what a construction project looks like from start to finish.

Branded infographics can be shared in blog posts or on your social pages to draw readers in and support other information that you’re sharing. If they’re engaging and colorful, you may find that others in your industry want to share them too. This gets your name out there and can be an excellent source for backlinks that help to boost your SEO.

4. Highlight community connections

As a member of your local business community, you want to highlight the connections that keep you going. These community connections can take the form of success stories — especially if you work with a particularly well-known local business — but they can be a lot more.

For example, if you sponsor an annual walk to raise money for a homeless shelter, dedicate a blog post to discussing how some of your team members participated in the walk and what their experience was like. If you hire students from the community college to work as summer interns, create a short video interview series so that your clients can get to know them.

There are many ways that you can highlight community engagement and local relationships to help connect with local clients and build into your local SEO.

5. Make information accessible to everyday readers

Avoid the jargon when explaining services or highlighting recent projects. Even though you’re the expert and may be performing advanced services or have stellar qualifications, your online presence shouldn’t be mired down with language that goes over your target client’s head.

Instead, explain your processes and services in clear language that lets even the novice property owner or project manager understand that you’re ready to help.

Here at R Creative, we do the research on your target market and the construction industry in your area so that we can develop and design content that draws in prospects through your online presence. 

Learn more about our digital marketing services for the architecture, engineering, and construction (AEC) industry here or contact us to schedule a call.

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