Does your business have a blog but isn’t getting the traffic and leads it needs to? How do you get your business blog noticed anyway?

What if, for free, you could sit down with a professional who writes effective content for businesses and pick her brain about how to blog right?

Well this interview is the next best thing. Professional copywriter Gabrielle Rystedt writes everything from blog posts and articles to landing pages and ebooks that help businesses grow their online presence. Here are her thoughts on getting your business blog noticed:

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Sometimes it can seem like every company is publishing original blog posts and articles. Is that true?

Every company? No.

Many companies think that they are doing well with their online content but the truth is that most aren’t publishing anything new and those that are could be publishing more truly unique content. ​

What do you mean by "unique content"?

Content that is different than what you’ll find from other sites in your industry or market.

Too often companies rely too heavily on short-from blog posts and end up sounding similar to everyone else. You can only cover so much ground in 300-ish words. ​

It can be difficult to get your business noticed in search and social results. How can businesses hope to get ahead?

You need to publish search engine optimized (SEO) content, know your audience well, and say something unique and fresh. ​

How does quality writing effect content marketing?

We all know that SEO writing uses relevant keywords. But if your content isn’t helping your audience in a unique way you won’t sustain the traffic you need and you won’t get the conversions you want. Quality writing for the Web can’t just be built on one factor (like keywords). It is multifaceted.

So, off the top of your head, what are the most important components of quality written content for the Web? What makes a blog post or article "quality content"?

Quality content:

  • Has skimmable headers accompanied by content that dives deep,
  • Demonstrates a cohesive flow of thought,
  • Uses logical transitions,
  • Naturally integrates keywords
  • Is search engine optimized (including keyword research and usage),
  • Intentionally targets the appropriate market, and
  • Is well written including free of spelling and grammar errors.

How does a high frequency of publication effect content marketing?

Publishing more content increases the likelihood of one of your articles or posts gaining compounding organic search engine traffic. In short, it increases your chances of success.

Is it easier to obtain quality or quantity blog posts and articles? Why?

Quantity is always easier than quality especially if you publish very short posts.

You don’t have to be a good writer to write a lot. ​

If a company can’t yet achieve both quality and quantity blog content, which do you recommend they focus on?

It is always more effective to have a handful of excellent, well written, helpful articles than a flood of junk. If you can only focus on quality or quantity, choose quality every time. ​

What is the biggest mistake you see businesses make in their blogging?

Not recognizing that their writing is poor and continuing to publish content that doesn’t put their company in the best light. It is alright to not be a talented writer! You didn’t get into your market to write. But if you can’t write well you should either find someone who can or choose a different marketing strategy. ​

What is the most valuable blogging advice you‘ve heard?

"A year from now you will have wished you had started today." – Karen Lamb

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