Some organizations contact us because they are aware that their websites need improvement but they are unsure what exactly needs to be done. In order to assist these organizations in prioritizing their web-work we provide free website evaluations and initial consultations (contact us if you want to take advantage of these services). To complement our evaluations and consultations we have developed this website self-evaluation.

Don’t just take our word for it – evaluate your own website!

We encourage you to download the PDF version of this document for use in your organization. Call a meeting of the decision makers and knowledgable leaders within your organization, load your website, and discuss the questions for the sections relevant to you.



Should our website primarily be for members/employees or non-members/customers? (This is your audience)

What content is our audience looking for?

Is that content easily available on our website?

What content is our audience looking for that is either missing or difficult to find?



What is the atmosphere of our organization/business?

Does our website’s design reflect that atmosphere? Why or why not?

How could our website better reflect that atmosphere?

Is our website easy to navigate? (For example: Are the contact and blog pages where you would expect in the menu?)

Is our site mobile optimized?



What is the most natural way for our audience to contact us?

Is that contact info available on every page?

Is there a way to streamline this contact method? (For example: a contact form is better than an email address and a social media feed is better than a social media link.)

How easy is it for website visitors to share content? Do we want sharing content to be easier than copying and pasting links?

Do we want readers to be able to comment on our blog? Does our blog currently restrict or invite comments?



Does every landing page have text for search engines and visitors to read?

Does our site offer valuable content to our visitors? (Could include articles, blog posts, tools, e-books, etc) If not, what sort of content is our audience looking for?

If we have a blog, how often do we want to post? How often are we currently posting?

Are we utilizing our content to drive subscriptions/sign-ups/sales? If not, what content could we offer visitors to encourage conversions?


Search Engine Optimization (SEO):

Does our SEO title reflect who we are, what we’re about, and where we are? If not, what should the SEO title be?

Does our SEO description invite searchers to click on our link? Why or why not? What should the SEO description be?

Does our site load quickly?

Do we have a way to measure site metrics? (Like visits, length of visits, demographics of visitors, how they reached the site, etc). If not, how would this data be helpful to us?


Based on this self-evaluation, what about our website needs to be improved or changed?


By what date do we want these improvements completed?


Can we do this ourselves or do we need a professional to assist us?


What is our budget for these improvements?


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