Improve Your Workflow with These Productivity Boosting Apps for macOS (2018 Update)

Rystedt Creative is powered partially by Macs. Whether you like them or hate them, Macs have remained a favorite of creative professionals since Apple and Adobe brought vector graphics to laser printers in 1985. Today you are likely to find at least a couple of Macs in the offices of graphic design freelancers creating logos and business cards out of their homes; print-shops sending items to the presses; and web developers and writers (like us) delivering the creative digital content you need.  I (Joshua) have been a pro-user of multiple platforms and there are pros and cons to every operating system available (don't be surprised if you catch me with a machine that has multiple operating systems installed). Yet macOS has become Gabrielle's and my daily driver. We have spent a lot of time developing productive workflows with powerful apps to get us through our hectic schedules. To help our fellow Mac users, here are Joshua's favorite productivity boosting apps for macOS. On Linux or Windows? Consider my alternative recommendations under each app. Work faster, use more of your screen and keep your fingers on the keyboard using these apps: If you find this article helpful consider giving it a share ? Calcbot Calculator apps are the sort of things that most of us take for granted. But the basic premise can be improved on to make your life a bit more pleasant. Calcbot is a smart calculator app that includes everything from a history tape to scientific functions. If you're running a business or nonprofit you probably find yourself punching numbers into a calculator of some sort more often than you would prefer. Calcbot is for those of us…

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