Should You Hire a Copywriter?

When I tell people I’m a copywriter, I usually get the same reaction: “Oh!” Followed by, “Cool. That’s pretty cool.” In general, most of the people I meet don’t quite understand what copywriters do, or how they get paid for it. Even my own mom wasn’t clear on what I actually do for a living and I’ve got a handful of family members who think that I “just do something online”. Or I get the fun mix up where people think that I do copyrighting – as in something related to copyright law. I do not, repeat, do not, know a thing about copyrights and patents! If you’re curious about copywriting, but haven’t ever had the chance to ask, pull up a chair and grab some coffee! And if you’re on the fence about hiring a copywriter, don’t worry. We’ll look into the pros and cons of hiring a copywriter, as well address times when you might be better off doing the work in house. First Things First: What do Copywriters Do? Copywriting is a profession as old as the idea of product marketing. If you’ve ever read an ad, you’ve read something written by a copywriter. If you’ve ever watched a television show, you’ve listened to lines written by copywriters (from a specialty you probably know as screenwriting). If you’ve ever read a product description in a catalog or on a website, you read the work of a copywriter. Copywriting is all around us. In the era of online business, we’re exposed to copywriting everywhere from websites to email newsletters and social media posts. Copywriters are the nameless lot responsible for much of the content you see and interact with…

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