So your website has regular (and hopefully growing) web traffic. Your bounce rate is even improving. Yet you still aren’t generating leads (or making sales). You may need a new means of converting visitors into leads. Well placed calls to action (CTA) within your value added content is the most effective form of lead generation. This is often called “content marketing”. An increasing number of websites are now including interactive quizzes in their content marketing strategies. Quizzes are growing in popularity – both for increasing website traffic and for generating leads. Buzzfeed uses them to drive traffic to their website. Perhaps you have even taken a quiz a friend has shared on Facebook.

What if you could custom build a quiz that matches your brand, hooks to your product or service, and is easily sharable – all without knowing any CSS, HTML, or JavaScript?
That’s what Interact is for.[*]


Interact is software as a service that helps your website generate leads, drive sales, and grow your social reach – all through quizzes.
Here is just one example of what you can do with Interact:


Interact makes it easier than ever for you to include interactive quizzes on your website and social media channels.
Every quiz can include an optional subscription form asking quiz takers to subscribe to your email list to see results. Interact claims that an average of 50% of quiz takers subscribe to an email list. That’s a much better conversion rate than those sidebar subscription forms you’re using!
You may also include a CTA on each quiz completion screen pointing quiz takers to an article, product, or service that matches their results. Personalized product recommendations have a much better success rate than non-personalized ones. These quizzes give you the ability to automatically make such personalized recommendations.
To even better increase your quiz’s success you can include social sharing buttons as well and point those shares to a custom link that includes your quiz. Interact claims that about 10% of quiz takers share the quiz.

Here is a quiz we built from scratch using Interact:


Interact Quiz Builder

The Interact quiz builder is easy and robust. Their team has broken the builder down into four steps: Branding & Styling, Questions & Results, Integration, and Share & Embed.

Branding & Styling

Every quiz can be customized to fit your site’s atmosphere. Customize your quiz colors to match your website, match your website’s fonts using Google Fonts, and upload your logo. Interact is a white label quiz builder.

Questions & Results

Interact includes three quiz types: Personality, Assessments, and Scored (Tally) Quizzes. Each quiz’s questions and results are completing customizable. Interact even supports branching logic for those of us who want complex and unique experiences for our quiz takers. If you are building your own quiz (like we have) you may spend the most amount of time in the quiz builder in this part of the process.


Interact integrates with the most popular email marketing programs including MailChimp, HubSpot, and ConstantContact. Through these integrations you can set up your quiz to convert quiz takers into email subscribers. You can even set up individual answers and results to add the quiz taker to a segment of your email list.

Interact also integrates with Facebook Pixel and Google Analytics so that you can track your quiz takers with precision.

Share & Embed

Interact makes sharing and embedding your quiz as easy as copying and pasting code or clicking a button. You can embed your quiz as a popup (please, don’t use your quiz as a popup) or on a webpage. You can link to your quiz in an announcement bar, Facebook ad, or social network post. Interact wants to make it as easy as possible for you to share your quiz.

Try Interact Today

Rystedt Creative is thrilled to be an Interact Partner.[*] We have used the software to build a quiz based upon our Outstanding Website Checklist and we are excited about the future of the software. You can try interact for free today.

*Rystedt Creative is an Interact Partner, meaning that, at no cost to you, we earn a commission if you click through and become an Interact customer.

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