Do you go straight to Google before your own doctor? Most people do, now.

Last year, over 1 billion Google searches were health-related. With a spike in cyberchondria (yes, that’s a thing) thanks to the pandemic, people often head right to their search engine at the prospect of bad health. 

Self-diagnoses aside (not recommended by actual doctors, might we add), people and patients who look for professional health guidance and book healthcare appointments online often perform extensive research before taking the plunge with a practice or provider.

It goes without saying then that a targeted marketing strategy is vital for a thriving healthcare business. Effective marketing content increases patient connections, nurtures relationships with loyal patients, and engages medical peers along with patients to increase leads and credibility.

So strong written content and a flourishing online presence are no longer “nice to haves” for medical practices or other healthcare companies — they’re necessities. Blogs, social media, webinars, and more rich online content marketing strategies like these reach patients with authentic, useful connection.

Here are a few standout healthcare companies who are leveraging healthcare marketing content in a way that both advertises and enhances their services. 

5 inspiring healthcare companies who WIN at content marketing

#1: Mayo Clinic

Mayo Clinic is an elite system in the healthcare sector whose reputation precedes its resources. At the forefront of these is their blog, Sharing Mayo Clinic. This is a prime example of effective content marketing hard at work. The blog is written from the perspective of Mayo Clinic’s own staff, who share their stories and experiences touching on every health issue they’ve handled so far.  

The blog stands out as a massive digital content library that not only reaches patients, but also researchers and other doctors. They rely on the extensive research and testimonials the blog captures on topics such as diseases, diagnosis, treatment, latest medical research and more. 

This wealth of trusted, consistent, and strategically-crafted content nurtures relationships with patients, doctors, researchers, and other leads with a deeply personal touch.

#2: Howard J. Luks, MD

Dr. Howard J. Luks is an orthopedic surgeon and sports medicine specialist based in New York — and he has it all going for him where digital marketing content is concerned. His blog content is thorough but accessible, and is immediately available upon visiting his homepage, categorized according to specialties (training, knee, elbow, shoulder, metabolic health, and osteoarthritis). 

Dr. Luks also has a regular podcast and YouTube channel, a regularly updated testimonials page, a published book, and a news presence. All of these marketing efforts amount to a trusted leader in the healthcare sector who manages his online presence and real-time practice as one entity. 

#3: Doctor’s Crossing

Doctor’s Crossing is a career development coaching resource for physicians. Run by Heather Fork, MD, Physician Career Strategist And Master Certified Coach, Doctor’s Crossing features an aesthetic and easy-to-navigate website that clearly communicates its purpose and services. And the wealth of written content resources is a joy to behold.

Doctor’s Crossing maintains a regular blog and podcast covering career topics for physicians. Additionally, they offer a ton of downloadable free content in the “Freebies” section. These include guides on jumpstarting a career change, landing a dream job in the health sector, and a checklist for a resume and CV. This is a brilliant way to market your brand, generate leads, and still offer value even before that first discovery call. 

#4: Cleveland Clinic

Another elite system on par with Mayo Clinic, Cleveland Clinic famously leverages its digital marketing presence via longform blog content, podcast, and social media with finesse. Cleveland Clinic’s content marketing is widely renowned, as their marketing team has dedicated significant resources and an expanded strategy to growing a team of editorial and SEO experts — not something you see in most healthcare settings.

Its blog and content brand, Health Essentials, boasts more than 12 million visits each month. Health Essentials, publishes around five articles a day which are shared on social media to millions of followers. The even more popular podcast covers everyday topics such as cancer awareness, diet, and more with dynamic hosts who are medical experts in the respective fields of the topics presented. 

The content library that Cleveland Clinic has curated is huge. It’s an invaluable resource for patients, researchers, and other doctors alike. Multichannel content that both markets your present services and lives on as an evergreen resource is an excellent strategy move. 

#5: Baylor, Scott and White

Baylor, Scott and White Health emphasizes customer service and connection. The homepage displays a simple, straightforward and robust user experience. Their blog, Scrubbing In, takes an accessible approach to “hands-on health care discussions” using listicles and narrative patient testimonials to share quality, useful, and engaging content that tells a greater story while inspiring action. 

The hospital’s equally steady presence on social media holds a strong brand voice in its tagline: “Changing healthcare for the Better. #GetBetter.”

Does your health and wellness marketing strategy rise above the noise?

More leaders in the healthcare sector are realizing that well-written, SEO-optimized content is vital to rounding out the human touchpoint of their marketing strategy. As with any industry, it applies especially to businesses and clinics in the health and wellness sector — poor marketing will make your brand suffer.

We can help you define and streamline your digital content needs through revamping your website, enhancing your blog, and advising your overall content marketing strategy. We’re ready to help you best leverage unique, informative, and keyword-rich content that calls patients to action, generates long-term leads, and boosts your credibility.

R Creative helps with every stage of brand development. We can help you develop a strong web presence and give potential patients or clients the aesthetics they expect from a top-notch brand. This begins with crafting tailored and authoritative messaging with quality content that truly connects with your patients and their deeper concerns.

Your next step to improving your content is as easy as contacting us.

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