Have coronavirus fears kept people from coming to your company’s physical location?

Are you concerned that CDC recommendations for people to avoid crowds and maintain safe distance from one another will impact your ability to survive this national crisis?

Maintaining a thriving business during a time of national panic is the emergency scenario that no business owner or manager ever wants to have to navigate. And while the ideal time for creating an emergency business plan has come and gone, the next best time to enact an emergency business plan is now.

We can help!

How can a Virtual Storefront Keep My Staff and Customers Safe?

As pandemic threats loom, people are becoming increasingly wary of shopping the old-fashioned way: by coming physically to your store, browsing, and purchasing at a point-of-sale that’s being touched by hundreds of other hands each day. Not only does physical shopping pose a risk to customers that venture out, but it endangers your employees by increasing the likelihood that they’ll come into contact with someone who could spread the virus.

While it’s unpleasant to think of endangering customers or employees in this way, it’s an essential consideration for retailers who have to manage the complexities of a physical storefront. In many cases, it’s possible to reduce, or even eliminate, the need for customers to visit your store during dangerous times by allowing them the opportunity to shop your inventory online.

What if I Already Have a Virtual Storefront?

We realize that to most retailers, the idea of doing business online is old news. In fact, we know that you probably have some kind of a virtual storefront or online shop already in place.

But if your municipality were to determine that an infected individual had recently visited your establishment and took action to quarantine your facility, would your website be able to handle the shift of foot traffic to virtual sales?

Would customers even be able to find you online?

Not only does your online store need to have a server that’s able to support simultaneous shoppers and orders, but your payment processor needs to be secure so that customers trust their information won’t be stolen when they shop at your store. After all, there’s already enough for your clientele to worry about right now!

Additionally, you need to be able to reach customers through social media, SEO, or targeted ads. Just because they know where to find you when they walk down Main Street doesn’t mean that they will remember where to locate you online, especially if you are a vendor operating within a larger establishment that may close its doors to the public with little advance notice. You want a customer to be able to search “those awesome soaps from that spa on Main St Acworth” and get your web address right away!

We’re Here to Help You Protect Your Community and Your Business!

As small business owners, we at Rystedt Creative understand the challenges of economic uncertainty in the face of a global health emergency. There are a lot of unknowns right now, but there are some practical steps that you can take to protect your business, even while you take safety protocols to protect your employees and community.

That’s why we want to offer a 15% discount for those looking to build or boost an online storefront during this time of international tragedy. We want you to have every opportunity to help your business come out of this in the best way possible.

Reach out today to learn more about how our custom web and marketing services can help you to implement an emergency plan that protects your brand and, most importantly, the people you work with!

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